5 Reasons Women Prefer Knotless Braids

There is a version of braids called knotless braids aka feed-in braids. Let’s explore reasons many women are opting for it instead of the traditional braids.
Women, especially black are now opting for their natural hair with protective styles. Hair without chemical, hot iron, tension, damage, etc.

Braiding is an ancestral tradition passed down in Black families Hair without chemical, hot iron, tension, damage, etc.

Knotless braid uses the feed-in method by starting the braids with your natural hair and the hair extension is added midshaft for thickness and length. It look like its growing out of the scalp, i.e. the extension have no contact with the scalp while the extension is added to the hair bit by bit. However, the traditional braid starts with the extension all through.

1. It’s less heavy. The feed-in techniques allow it to be less heavy because you will be using less extension.

2. A significant advantage of the knotless braid is the styling flexibility: After making knotless braids, the hair can be manipulated according to your desired style instantly without having to wait a few days to be flexible. With knotless braids, there is no constraint, but flexibility.

3. Unlike the traditional braids, where the knots are tight. Knotless braid is relatively painless because there is no tension on the hair scalp. Knotless braid makes braiding experience pleasurable

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4. It’s protective of the scalp because there is less tugging of the hair, no friction on your scalp. It prevents breakage and less shedding. It’s a healthier alternative because it doesn’t lead to thinning around the hairline.

5. It’s trendy and uses less extension. It’s very common on Instagram with different styles in varieties of colour. With knotless braids, the extension that will be used would not be as much as when you do the traditional braids.