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5 things to consider while picking your Aso Ebi

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5 things to consider while picking your Aso Ebi

Come to Nigeria and see the glamour in Aso Ebi. You know the popular saying ‘ain’t no wedding like a Nigerian wedding’ We say it is ‘ain’t no party like a Nigerian party’.

Aso Ebi is like a rainbow in the sky in every party. It is a traditional wear worn by a particular group or wears worn by the attendees of a party. It signifies uniformity. It brings out the feels, the readiness to enjoy every moment and get relieved of bottled-up stress, it makes your event really colourful. Picking your Aso Ebi is a germane part of planning an event.

1. One important thing to consider is how you want your event to be, this would influence the colour you would be picking, do you want the green with envy or the money green, do you want the royal blue or you would love the calm sky blue. Colour is important as this will determine how you want your event to look like seeing your guests from afar.

2. Have you picked out the matching ‘gele’ or ‘fila’ (headgear) which complete your Aso Ebi? This is the headgear for the females and cap for the males. You can decide to use the Aso Oke or even the Damask. There are so many other options to decide from once you hit the popular ‘Eko market’ in Lagos.

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3. You also have to pick a matching colour of gele or fila with your Aso Ebi. If you are not too sure about the colour to pick. You can go for simple but beautiful gold, silver, black or white.

4. Everyone wants their loved ones and circle of friends present at their event, be it birthdays, naming ceremony, weddings and so on. Therefore you have to consider the affordability of the Aso Ebi you plan on buying.

5. When you consider all this, do not forget to put quality in mind. You want to buy something affordable that your circle of friends can get but do not forget quality also. Something they can always wear again like ‘oh, I used this at a friends wedding and it is so good I cannot let it go’. Sort all this out and you have a colourful and beautiful event.

Do you think we are missing some points? The list is open, add yours in the comment session. 



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