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Fashion or madness: A new Era of Fashion


Seeing the trend in which fashion is going in this modern age and how youths are settling for different fashion styles, is there a standard to checkmate what is acceptable?

In the name of fashion, a lot has been rape, a lot are working naked on the street, while some had been tag prostitute, not because they are one but based on what they wore. ”Nkan be” as rightly said by a popular music star.

Are we saying we Africans are now engrossed in fashion, that we don’t really know when we had crossed the line when it comes to moderation in dressing?

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Let’s look at the following scenario; Do you think these are really fashion or Madness 

  • Exposing your nipples is transparent tops
  • showing your belly button
  • showing cleavages
  • exposing huge part of your thigh
  • wearing a bracelet on the leg
  • piercing of the body

Are these fashions or madness in the real sense of the world?

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