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Abstinence VS Celibacy

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Abstinence VS Celibacy

What exactly is the difference? What is abstinence? What is celibacy?

Celibacy, according to the dictionary is the state of not being married, it is also abstinence from sexual intercourse. While abstinence is the voluntary practise of not indulging in something that is pleasurable. It can be called self-denial.

Many people use these words interchangeably, however, it differs, this is not to deny that it is similar.

Someone who is celibate have taken a vow, usually on a long term like the Nuns, Catholic priests (done to honour their commitment to God) to remain unmarried and not engage in any form of sexual activity (penetrative and non-penetrative). A celibate person has taken a long- term decision to practice abstinence.

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The decision to be abstinent is usually limited to a certain period of time. For instance, some may decide to abstain until marriage, this is commonly done for religious purpose.

Why do people choose to be celibate?

  1. Few people have a solitary reason for being celibate. There are often several factors at play, even within organized belief systems.

2.Another reason is to be able to prevent further spread of sexually transmitted disease (STD) as a way to prevent transmission.

  1. For some, it makes them focus on their belief and commit to the ‘supreme being’ or higher power.
  2. To be able to commit to self-empowerment and personal growth or development.
  3. It may help to build true friendship between you and your partner aside sexual involvement. This help to differentiate between physical and emotional attraction.
  4. It allays the fear of pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD).


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