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Anklets: A fashion item or a symbol of promiscuity?

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Anklets_ A fashion item or a symbol of promiscuity

Anklets have a rich history, crafted from a wide range of materials.

In India, it is more than just a fashion item. It is usually a gift from a groom to his bride to signify a woman’s marital status. It is as significant as the wedding ring. It is called Payal. It is usually well adorned with bells. The single women also wore anklets though not as much adorned and anytime the bells jingle, it is an awareness that a woman is around and should be respected.

Anklets are a fashion item in Egyptian history. The wealthier a woman is, the more adorned are anklets are.
In African history, commonly called leg chains, some cultures used them as a form of counting of age. Royalty wore ankle beads and even traditional dancers.


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As years rolled by, the meaning of anklets changed and women who wore them were scorned. If a woman wore anklets on the left foot, it signified that she was married and open to extra-marital affairs. If she wore it on the right foot, it meant that she was homosexual.

In Nigeria, women who wear it are seen as prostitutes. Although, now, women have decided to move past this myth and wear anything they feel comfortable with. We applaud all African women who choose, despite annoying demands from society, to be comfortable in their skin and choice of fashion. Anklets have evolved, they are a beautiful way of bringing attention to the feet.

Though it’s now trending as a fashion item irrespective of societal believes, it should be worn properly.
Anklets with bells should not be worn in a public quiet environment or at the workplace.

Anklets should not be worn with pantyhose as it will not show the true beauty of it. You should wear your anklets when you choose to and not feel embarrassed.



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