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Antisocial Behaviours

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Antisocial Behaviours

Individuals with antisocial behaviours do not show regard for authority and consequently become a public nuisance. Antisocial behaviour is a personality disorder characterized by disruptive act and violence towards other people.

Behaviour such as vandalism, noise nuisance, all kinds of harassment, Fighting, bullying, intimidation and all kinds of behaviour that cause distress to one or more people in a household or community and violates their basic rights.

This behaviour is exhibited by a lot of people around us in Nigeria today. Unfortunately, our health care and the executive arm of the government have not yet recognized the importance of providing mental care facilities in every community to curb this menace; also appropriate punishment for people who are an intentional social nuisance.

Antisocial behaviour in children is influenced by the child’s temperament, depression, disability, exposure to a coercive environment, movies, deviant peers. Further exposure to these without intervention shapes them into adulthood. Odd behaviour then becomes a way of life.

Signs exhibited at the onset such as; lying, stealing, aggressive behaviour If assessed early enough will help with proper intervention. In adults, arrogance, criminal behaviour, an abusive relationship, manipulation can be identified. Some people with antisocial behaviours are not aware of these disorders. You can encourage them lovingly to get help.

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The exact cause of antisocial behaviour is not known but changes in the brain functions and genes may make you susceptible to this personality disorder.

High-risk factors include;

  • Absence of good parenting
  • Family history of antisocial behaviour
  • Family problems and instability in the home
  • Parental drug and alcohol abuse

Living in a violent environment

Early detection and correct intervention in children will curb this menace in the future and it starts now. Already there is little the government is doing about the teenage cults we have spread out all over the streets of Lagos and other states, causing a lot of havoc.

Most children will engage in one or more antisocial behaviour, loving parental care will be a guide to the right part. The frequency and persistence of this behaviour determine the requirement to seek further help.

Boys and men are significantly more likely to engage in antisocial behaviours than women. Irrespective of the male gender inclination to antisocial behaviour, each of us must start first in our homes; providing adequate care and a loving environment for our children to grow.

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