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Female Independence: Are You Truly Independent?

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Female Independence Are You Truly Independent

Independence means freedom; freedom from support, aid and influence. 

Dating in the modern world has become increasingly complex, and men are now scared of asking a lady out for a date. Very sad!

In today’s world, women (and men) are a lot more demanding than they used to be, and the ideals of meeting “The One” have been replaced with, meeting

“The One who will give me what I want.” Is this normal? Is this what happens when a guy or lady asked you out on a date or it’s a demand and supply thing. 

Like with anything in life, scarcity creates value, so does the same apply to women? Do women demand money when they are in demand?

Let’s read about Tos, the young girl from Abule! 

Tos, a female entrepreneur on the Mainland met this guy who wants to be a lot more than a friend, they have been seeing each other quite often and things have been moving smoothly. The guy invited her to his apartment on the Island, the first thing that came to her mind was fare.

One Thing You Should Avoid In Your Relationship. 

Usually, they meet at Tos’s apartment on the mainland, other times at a nearby restaurant. 

The total cost for the fare is about N2, 000. Due to the guy’s generosity and her shyness, she expected that the guy would give her the fare and more without asking, once she arrives at his apartment or worse when she is about leaving. However, things did not go as planned.

As you proceed to the next paragraph, ask yourself the following questions and be honest. Are you doing him a favour by visiting him? Should this be encouraged? Is it an obligation of a man to foot your fare? At what point should it be made mandatory?

This is the 21st century, many Nigerians ladies scream independence, but quite a handful still believes in patriarchal dominance or maybe you are just yet to admit. Many still lean on the traditional style (consciously and subconsciously) by making it mandatory for a guy to foot their fare and other bills.

Moment of Truth

Mr Man is under no obligation whatsoever to pay your fare. And you are neither right nor wrong to make such request; after all, this is an African society.

Now, ask me what is wrong? I am waiting, okay, now, let me reply. What is wrong is having this sense of expectation that he will pay your fare. My dear, if he gives you take it.

Ensure, you go with the transport fare that can take you to and fro. And should you not have enough to take you to and fro, give him prior notice. 


Do you have a similar experience, share with us! 

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