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Asoebi: The inevitable tax in Nigeria 


Asoebi: The inevitable tax in Nigeria 


Aso-cloth and Ebi- Family, is known to originate from the Yoruba language which means Family cloth (Asoebi).

It’s a traditional uniform usually worn for special occasions/any social gathering in Nigeria. It signifies corporation and support during ceremonies, and the sole reason for Asoebi is mostly to identify with the celebrant(s).

The affordability of the chosen fabrics made it universally accepted by all, but the case is the reverse now. The cost for one Asoebi can feed someone for a month.

The questions we need to ask ourself; is Asoebi now an avenue to get funds to sponsor ceremonies, are we paying in advance for the cost of the party rice and Moi-Moi we’ll eat during the occasion or the cost of Asoebi are that expensive?

My Nigerians people, you all need to gather here for us to trash this once and for all.

Let’s hear what Ayo has to say about his experience

Imagine!! Na so they said my cousin wan marry oooh, was so happy for him after 10years of expectation. So they came with one cloth saying this is the Aseobi. Ask me how much; 17k for 4 yards (haaaa!!! That was what came out of my mouth without apologies) Efe pami ni nitori olorun!!(Do you want to kill me ni). If I remove 17k from my 70k salary in a month, how do you want me to survive? I totally disagree and said I won’t buy. Not until I saw 2 missed calls from one of my aunty. I knew what that call means. I kukuma surrender and give in to buying the cloth. But if you’ll ask me, I was not willing to buy that Asoebi for that price. 

So I finally bought the cloth not because it’s convenient for me, but because I don’t want eyes to be on me that day. Indeed, it’s an inevitable tax!  

We want to hear your own story!

We’re not saying buying Asoebi is bad ooh, but we need to put into consideration people like Ayo that earn 70k and must buy the Asoebi

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  1. Aso ebi is what most Nigeria Couples especially the bride’s depends on… Why must anyone impose an aso ebi on me? People go to market to buy material worth of 5k, begin to sell it for people 10-12k just because you want to make an unnecessary money… My own believe Aso ebi doesn’t make an event colourful

    • Avatar Oluwadare Ayomikun

      Iyanuoluwa, but you won’t want to miss out When others are wearing their Aso Ebi. God help us.


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