Panties as gift

He gifted me panties

He gifted me panties for my birthday, why should he?

Panties are the ultimate expression and example of a sexual and very intimate gift for your lady, and considering it's the last vestige of clothing that separates you from her naked body, her acceptance of this “gift” not only implies that you are able to see her in them, but she will allow you to remove these panties as well. The truth or false? Hmmm

But honestly, panties are never a gift for her; it's a gift for you.

You bought them because you want to see her in them, which are somewhat flattering on its own merits, and the sole reason any woman will accept it. Chances are you both are at a sexual congress and apex in your relationship that doing such won't pressure her into doing anything she wasn't ready for.

Do ladies still wear panties when they go out?

Think twice, buying might go wrong!

  • What if the panties are the wrong size? Then, she starts wondering if you don't know what is best for her, or the size of her butt. You just landed yourself into a pot of hot soup!

  • What if he buys you the wrong type? You see thongs as a perfect fit for you, yet he bought a G-strings. For example, if she uses more standard underwear and you get her something too sexy, she might interpret that the other way (which is most likely not your intention).

  • What if the underwear is way too childish or too cheap? Or not the brand you well. Your girlfriend might be the Calvin Klein type, but you bought her something different. Remember, you have seen her severally on CK, why buy her other brand then. That might be a case of insensitivity from the part of the guy.

I’m just going to say panties are a bizarre birthday gift choice no matter what., though it also depends on the level of maturity of both parties. Especially when you don’t know the right one for her

Do you agree with this, what do you think? Have you ever gotten panties as a birthday gift?


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Your vagina needs fresh air.

Your vagina needs fresh air.

Your vagina needs fresh air.

Underwear is majorly cloth worn beneath outer clothes in direct contact with the skin, although they may consist of more than a single layer.

The female's underwear is commonly called panties. It can be fitting or loose depending on the types wore. They are classified base on rear coverage, width, height etc. To read more about female underwear, you can click here to see some types of lingerie.

Do underwear materials affect vaginal health? You need to find out!

Though a lot of women are still confused with what the vagina means, they think it means everything down there, whereas each part is different. The vagina is the inner muscular tube that connects the cervix of the uterus to the vulva.  The vulva is everything that you see on the outside

The choices of panties or underwear you wear greatly affect that area and it needs to properly care for. As much as you may want to prioritize style, it's important to think about comfort and vaginal health when it comes to your panty shopping.

Between organic cotton briefs, “period panties,” and lacy thongs, the options are endless. All you need to do is to be unadventurous to buy breathable underwear that is vagina-friendly. That is thinking about convenience and your vaginal health.

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How do underwear materials affect vaginal health?

Being mindful of what your skivvies are made of can save you from a host of vaginal health issues, like infections and irritation.

Certain underwear materials can generate a damp environment for yeast and bacteria to thrive because they do that best in moist and dark places. Breathability is really important to your vagina.

Underwear made of synthetic materials like lycra and nylon can be enclosing and non-breathable. It can lead to vaginal irritation, rashes and other forms of vaginal infection.

Although, it’s not that you get infections if you wear underwear made of synthetic material. It's just that you need to be more cautious to have underwear that is airier and that will make your vagina much happier.

What choices should I make: the material should my underwear be made of?

Cotton is still the best choice when it comes to everyday wear. Because it’s the most absorbent material and the best for promoting breathability

But if you have sensitive skin or you have been dealing with recurring infections or irritation, opting for organic cotton underwear or other natural materials might be necessary.

The only exception to the cotton rule is when exercising or working out, it’s important you forgo cotton. The best underwear is those made of moisture-wicking materials or going pantless as some of those workouts wears. Because it either has a built-in liner or is designed to be worn without underwear.

Going commando is often better than opting for cotton especially for people prone to vaginal infections, sleeping without underwear might also be a good option.

Nude sleepers rejoice!

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Why Do We Cheat In Relationship?

What makes someone cheat on their partner? What do you consider to be cheating? Let's find out.

Why Do We Cheat In Relationship?

Cheating is the most distressing thing that can occur in a romantic relationship, so it's very important to understand why lovers tend to be unfaithful.

Cheating can be seen as becoming secretly entangled in a romantic, emotional, and/or physical relationship with another person. It’s a breach/betrayal of trust in a relationship.

Often, people only think cheating has to do with sexual connection alone, yet sharing emotional confidential information about your relationship with someone outside the relationship can also be considered cheating.

What do you consider to be cheating?

Cheating is a rather vague term. Defining cheating can be personal; it all depends on individual views and dogma, also it depends on the relationship in question. For example, some might consider watching pornography as an act of cheating, while others would consider something like philandering or kissing as cheating too. In the case of sexual intercourse, the majority of people would consider this an act of betrayal.

But what about having feelings for someone, but you’re afraid of going into it due to the consequences. Remember, there’s already a feeling, though not expressed. Could this be considered an act of cheating? You probably have your views on this.

Let’s examine some reason we think might be responsible for that act of cheating. 

If you ask a cheating partner WHY they cheated, they always have something to say. They will always give reasons why they cheated. But to be honest, do we have cogent reasons why we cheat on our partner? I guess we do have.

One Thing You Should Avoid In Your Relationship. 

There are a thousand reasons why a man or woman would engage in such an act of dishonesty. Though there’s may some factors that might trigger or might be a causative factor.

They include,

  • Addiction; either to hard drugs, alcohol, pornography or whatsoever that might cause the inability to control one’s self at the moment.
  • Peer Group; if you have friends that cheat on their partners, there is a high tendency that you might end up like them. A saying says, show me your friends, and I would tell you who you’re.
  • Addiction to Sex: If one of the partners is sexually active than the other, there is a high tendency that the sexually active one would look outside to get maximum pleasure.
  • Having many friends; having friends are good. But one needs to be very careful. There’s always a reason why someone is your friend, you need to figure out the friendship bond, especially when it’s the opposite sex. No one wants to be on a friend zone level forever.

Reasons Why Married People Cheat

In marriage, the game is a little bit different from dating.

Cheating in marriages can be connected to a lot of factors. Because the nut had been tied, there’s no going back in most cases. One looks trapped in it.

When couples are frustrated, and they can’t reason a way to get out of that, the weaker side might be prone to act inordinately. Although we might say the women are the weaker ones. Truth be told, the weaker one can be the male partner. Frustration can come in any manner; either by lack of communication, financial pressure, low capability, emotional disconnect, lack of respect, lack of trust, etc. or this can trigger infidelity.

Reasons for Cheating

Some reason why married people cheat might be one of the following;

Situation; Being in a different environment or settings can predispose married ones to cheat. 

When you’re in a different setting or not quite yourself, you may have a temporary urge to sexually explore that would not necessarily be part of your usual behaviour. Maybe under the influence; alcohol, drugs, on vacation without your partner.

Lack of Commitment; both partners have their role to play here. They both need to be committed to their marital vows. They need to figure out their weaknesses as a couple and as an individual so they can help the falling partner.

Tired of the relationship; It happens, you can be tired of been married. Marriage is a lot of work; you need to work it out if you want to maintain the burning love.

Boredom: As a human, we all want something new, different from the usual. Sometimes, we need a little bit of excitement/spark. Doing the same thing/ or having the same issues repeatedly can lead to boredom. Couples need to figure this out. Going out for a movie, going on vacation together or doing the unusual cant spice up things a little bit

Distance: what do you expect if both couples don’t leave under the same roof, what do you expect? Loneliness is a virus that can eat so deep causing a lot of damages. Periods of absence, whether travelling for work or any reason give room for an affair to occur. While a long-distance marriage is not ideal, couples need to seat to address how to keep their marriage strong even when apart.

In conclusion, cheating doesn’t mean the end to a relationship; it can be fixed if both parties are willing to work it out.

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What You Need to Know About ACV in Treating Acne.

What You Need to Know About ACV in Treating Acne.

What You Need to Know About ACV in Treating Acne.

What You Need to Know About ACV in Treating Acne.

Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help Your Acne;

Apple cider vinegar is an apple juice fermented with yeast and other useful bacteria. It is a unicorn in the natural beauty world because of its antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties loaded with probiotics, vitamins, and minerals.

ACV contains organic acids, like lactic, citric, malic acids and acetic acid that may help kill the bacteria that causes acne. The main benefit of apple cider vinegar (ACV) for acne is its ability to fight the bacterium (Propionibacterium acnes) that causes acne and its ability to also removes excess dirt, oil and dissolves dead skin cells.

Though, Just because apple cider vinegar is not a scientifically proven treatment for acne, that doesn't mean it won't work for treating acne. One of the things that make apple cider vinegar so great is that it restores the skin’s pH balance.


Before you try using ACV on your face for the first time, try out a test spot to make sure it won’t have an adverse reaction to your skin.

If your skin reacts to it, you can try mixing one part vinegar with four parts of water.  For people with sensitive skin, you might want to dilute it even more with water, but if it doesn't affect your skin badly, you can try a stronger concentration.

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When applying the mixture to your skin, make use of a cotton ball, and then leave it on for about 5 to 15 minutes before rinsing it off



Washing your face with ACV can help remove oil, dirt, and gunk from pores. Use a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with your regular face wash. Apply on your skin, then rinse.


Using ACV in Spot treatments can help stop pimples in their tracks before they’ve had a chance to grow. Pour a little quantity of vinegar onto a Q-tip and apply directly on blemishes. Repeat daily until the spot goes away.


Combine a tablespoon each of activated charcoal and bentonite clay (A natural clay with a fine, soft texture which has been proven to help remove impurities on the skin, such as oils, and toxins from the body). Use apple cider vinegar to make a paste. With clean fingers spread over the face and let sit for 15 minutes. Rinse with cool water and apply moisturizer.

The bottom line, ACV might work for your acne, but you need to also take note of the risk of it's been too harsh on your skin. It might be best to stick to other tried-and-true acne-fighting methods.

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What to Wear to a Job Interview

What to Wear to a Job Interview

What to Wear to a Job Interview

What to Wear to a Job Interview

A job interview is your opportunity to sell yourself and to make a great second impression about yourself.  Looking smart is what you really what to do.

Your outfit is a huge part of the interview process, and it’s always a good idea to have some interview clothes ready to wear so you don't have to struggle at the last minute to find a proper outfit.

If you're wondering what to wear on an interview, the most relevant thing to keep in mind is that you should look professional smart and polished.

Here is some interview attire that looks so right for you.

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A Navy Blue Blazer Combination

The combination of a blue blazer and a blouse is a great outfit that is comprised of three pieces that are simple, but extremely versatile. A navy blue blazer looks great paired with a simple blouse or button-down shirt.

You can as well try a navy blue pants on a white top.

Black Dress

A tasteful little black dress is the emblem of simple yet refined attire for a job interview. Although, it's always nice if you don't go in all black and white so you don't look too serious.  Black pant or a shade of black gown is fine

Wearing Grey

Grey is often time-worn colours at job interviews. Wearing this colour suggests that the individual is focused on the job interview rather than on what they are wearing. The colour grey offers a nice touch of sophistication. It’s a great colour to select for your interview clothing.

You might want to avoid a flashy dress, casual or red dresses.

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The reason you should stop wearing revealing clothes to welcome a visitor.

Stop wearing revealing clothes to welcome a visitor.

The reason you should stop wearing revealing clothes to welcome a visitor.

The reason you should stop wearing revealing clothes to welcome a visitor.

With a lot of happenings in society, we all need to careful as to what we wear, when we wear them and how we wear them, especially what's revealing clothes. This applies to the young ones, especially the single ladies, and young couples.

Wearing revealing clothes could trigger some sort of sexual assaults

With the various incidence of rape here and there, the girl child needs to be very careful about the way they appear. Various rape/close to rape incident had occurred because we are wearing the wrong attire at that moment.

Incident of in-house rape had been on the increase in our society, and we all know they will always accuse the female child. Take, for instance, the trending story some month back about a popular pastor and his member. An ‘early morning visit’ what do you think happens to a male child early in the morning? The penis muscle is always at alert to sway in the direction that calls. Bear in mind, the ladies are always the victim, and we need to make sure they are not one always.

What do you wear that can trigger a rape case includes?

Wearing a nightgown revealing your nipples; we all know that the real female breast lies in the nipple. Wearing a gown showing your nipple to welcome a visitor either in the morning or late at night might trigger the other sex into action; irrespective of who the visitor might be.

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Wearing a dress that shows your thigh, as uncomplicated as this might sound, we all know male are moved by what they see, showing them this in a very confined environment like your apartment might trigger a rape episode.

Let’s paint a scenario of about-to-marry Mr. A and Miss B.

Mr A now decides to visit Miss B one day before their wedding at home. She now finds this lovely sister in her nightgown with all the boobs popped up very visibly. Mind you, both are sexually attracted and emotionally connected. Though at that moment, sex might not be what they want to engage in before marriage. But such a compromising situation might make them want to have sex. ‘Body No Be Fire Wood Now’

Or how would you also explain a scenario where you go visiting your ex( at home, either he/she is married. Especially when the feeling is still there. A lot could happen if the other party doesn't dress properly to receive the second party.

Seeing a movie that has a sexual act with your visitor, you wouldn’t want to see a movie with your friends at home, especially if you both are the only one at home. It would just look like our popular Nollywood movie that will start from one person looking at each other with a blinking eye, then it matures to please, come and help me blow my eye, something just enter it. Before you know it, they are in bed or sofa having sex. Why? they are both vulnerable at that moment. Although It isn’t what one party planned or has in mind before.

Another risk factor of in house rape is sharing your sex life/secret with the opposite sex. A lot do fall victim to this. Some married women/men don’t mind sharing when their partner had made love with them last. Sharing this exclusive secret with a third party just like that might be dangerous. It can imply that such person is starving of sex, and need it ASAP.

As long as we want to make our society free from any sexual abuse, we need to also thwart the risk factor that can drive a close to rape/rape incident. No one is justified for any act of rape as it’s inhuman, but we need to keep ourselves safe from the animals in the society that always wants to satisfy their sexual urge.

What do you think might also trigger the risk of rape at home?

Share yours in the comment session below and on Twitter

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The ladies Handbag

The ladies Handbag

The ladies Handbag

The ladies Handbag

Ladies handbag is filled with everything your mind can imagine. Some ladies even carry handbag just because they want to feel or look complete, and not necessarily having some personal items inside.

Most ladies can never be caught underprepared because they are always ready for anything, and things found in her handbag show just that. While handbag is usually a bag of wonders, secrets and mystery, here’s a list of typical items that can be found inside;

Gum or Mint, Toothbrush or floss, Tissue, Pen, sunglasses, phone charger, perfume, lipsticks, hand sanitizer, blush on, moisturizer, headphones, hairbrush, Sanitary pad, etc.

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Let's track some the handbag and asked if we could look inside their beloved handbags and share what is inside with the world.

What do you think is missing in the items listed that can be found in a lady bag.

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The Best Tribe To Date

The Best Tribe To Date

The Best Tribe To Date

What's your take on inter-tribe marriages.

Well, well, well!! I hope some of you are out netting right now because we're about to open up a big jar of worms here.

Let's talk about dating within and outside your tribe and whether it's a good idea or not. Also, what do Publoggers thinks about inter-religious marriages?

Firstly, let's discuss some characteristics of these tribes.

We all agree that we have three major tribes out of the over 300 tribes in Nigeria.

The Yoruba’s

Recently, they are now described as the Yoruba Demons (What a name) Ask if they like the name, I think they do and they are proud of it.

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The Yoruba are mainly the Ondo, Osun, Lagos, Ogun, Ekiti, Ibadan, part of Kogi and Kwara. It's believed that the Yorubas are one of the most caring and respectful tribes in Nigeria. The Yoruba boys can promise the whole planet but deliver just the earth. Lol. They are accustomed to marry/date more than one lady, though they are sweet, humble, hardworking and always loyal, especially if you come across the broke ones or the ones with little cash. I wonder what Falz was thinking when he named himself the president of the Sweet Boys Association SBA. (Maybe the Yorubas are the most luscious of all)

Talking of sexual activeness for both sexes, it's said that both sexes are not sex fanatics. They are believed to be more materialistic, with a larger percentage educated.

If the right guy happens to be a Yoruba Demon-- hey, game on!

The Hausa/Fulani 

The Hausa and Fulani people are located mostly in the northern part of Nigeria with cities like Kano, Kaduna, Zaria, Sokoto, Kastina, Jos, etc. Most Hausa are faithful Muslims who believe in Allah and Muhammad as their prophet.

The Hausas tend to be quiet and reserved among the tribes in Nigeria. Their men are believed to be very nice and kind. Very faithful and generous if you meet the good ones. Hahaha

Although a larger percentage of them aren't educated, while minor is into trading with the majority of them being a farmer.

Generally, the Hausa ladies love to date/marry the Yoruba guys, while the men prefer to marry their fellow Hausas.

The Hausa ladies are the most beautiful ones among the various tribes in Nigeria and are sexually active compared to their men. The ladies can be very loving, caring as well as been loyal if you can satisfy their needs. Though, they are not the materialistic types. Early marriages are common among the Hausa, this might be trace to their religious background and because a higher percentage of their ladies been not educated.

The Igbos 

Igbo is one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria, They are indigenous to the southeastern part of the country. They are natively called Ndi Igbo with major states like Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo etc.

Igbo people are industrious, hardworking, and never smiling when it comes to money matters. They don't believe in early marriage and are said to be the most religious. Reasons, why some of their ladies marry late as pregnancy outside wedlock, is something they detest.

The Igbos girls are well known to love money, though not all, and prefer to date/marry fellow Igbo guy with dope! Never argue or boost of been strong in bed with Igbo girls, especially the ones from Calabar or Awka Ibom, because they might end up being a disaster for you. Lol. In short, they are said to love sex more, even more than any other tribe in Nigeria. Most guys in Nigeria love to date their ladies because of their sexual activeness, and base on their cooking skills. They are said to have one of the best delicacies in Nigeria.

One union that is known to be scare in Nigeria is that of an Igbo and Hausa.

To promote indivisibility, interreligious and inter-ethnicity marriages should be encouraged at all levels.

Guys shine your eye and choose wisely based on your goals. If you want a dedicated man, you know who to date. But if yours is having the best sexual experience, you know the plane to board.

So to get back to the opening question that spurred this article: If you find a companion who is a partner and catalyst in your continued growth who just happens to be in your tribe, go for it. At the same time, you realize that dating outside of your tribe is an opportunity for even greater growth, learning, and expansiveness, both for you and your future offspring.

Goodluck guys as you find satisfaction in your relationship!

Share your own story, which tribe rock! Use #PuBlog to share your opinion.

Stepping up your Game with Lingeries

Stepping up your Game with Lingeries

Stepping up your Game with Lingeries

Stepping up your Game with Lingering

Lingeries is a category of women's clothing including at least undergarments (mainly brassieres), sleepwear and lightweight robes.

They are made up of lightweight, stretchy, smooth, sheer or decorative fabrics such as silk, satin, Lycra, charmeuse, chiffon or lace. These fabrics can be made of natural fibres like silk or cotton or synthetic fibres like polyester or nylon.

  1. Bustiers

If you would love to pop out your boobs, a bustier is perfect for you! It’s strapless and sleeveless and often worn as a standalone sexy top.

It’s similar to a corset; the bustier is a fitting garment that boosts up your bust by tightening around the upper midriff. You tighten a bustier using corset-like ties, which also gives your waist a slightly slimmer shape.

If you want to light up your wedding night or birthday party, wear this lingeries to accentuate your cleavage and flatter your waist. It is an extended bra top that usually covers all or most of the torso, though there are bustier bras that end well above the belly button. For an ultra-bridal look, go white and lacy.

If you’re looking to pump up the sex appeal, go for a strappier style in black or red. Want something extra racy? Try attached garters, so you can add thigh-high stockings.


A chemise hangs straight from the shoulders to give a uniform shape. If you like loose-fitting clothing, a chemise might be that perfect one for you! It’ simple short slips dress that can be paired with a matching bikini or thong. Chemises usually fit snugly and skim the body, hitting around mid-thigh

This loose garment is a great way to make bedtime much sexier, as silk chemises make lovely nightgowns and play up your feminine side. Some chemises are so stylish; they almost look like mini-dresses you can wear out, though some ladies do.

  1. Babydoll

On the other end of the spectrum is the colourful babydoll, which might be one of the least practical pieces of lingeries out there. Babydolls have a looser fit, a shorter hemline and often have cups for extra chest support.

If you're looking for something comfortable to wear to sleep that's still got a bit of glamour, go for a bright babydoll. Babydolls have a looser fit, a shorter hemline and often have cups for extra chest support.

  1. Teddy

A teddy is an all-in-one piece that fits like a bodysuit or one-piece swimsuit, but it is typically sheerer than these types of garments. A teddy is a playing type of bodysuit. Depending on how adventurous you are in the bedroom, there are many types of teddies you can choose from.

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Teddies often don’t make it outside the bedroom, but you could dress up a more conservative teddy with a skirt for a night out at the club if you wish.

Like bodysuits, teddies are another one-and-done piece of lingerie; unlike bodysuits, they’re meant to stay in the bedroom.

  1. Bodysuit

These bodysuits can certainly be worn alone, but if you're feeling daring, throw a pair of high-waisted jeans over a bodysuit and wear it out to the bar. Though similar to Teddy, it provides more coverage with thicker fabric. And even though a bodysuit offers more coverage than two separate pieces, it’s somehow sexier. Probably because it’s got “special occasion” written all over it, making it wedding night perfection

Some bodysuits can be paired with pants or skirts as a top that never needs to be tucked in; the racier ones are a fun alternative to lingerie sets with multiple pieces.

Bodysuits offer some shaping and as well its support breast. The material can range from lace to sheer to everything in between, so you’ll be able to find something as cute as it is comfortable.

The Big Question: Do women use lingeries merely to grab men’s attention?

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Some Stylish Beach Outfit For Ladies When it comes to dressing to the beach, you need to ensure you consider the reasons why you are going. After all, what you would wear for a beach party on sand isn’t the same as what you would wear for a beach wedding.

Some Stylish Beach Outfit For Ladies

Some Stylish Beach Outfit For Ladies

Some Stylish Beach Outfit For Ladies

When it comes to dressing to the beach, you need to ensure you consider the reasons why you are going. After all, what you would wear for a beach party on sand isn’t the same as what you would wear for a beach wedding.

You need to think about how you want to appear on the public scene; whether you’re looking to achieve an easy-going outing appearance or a sexier style.

What to keep in mind when dressing to the beach

  • Dress for the occasion; might be a beach wedding, party, photo-shoot or meeting.
  • Choose a style you're comfortable in. 
  • Start by choosing your swimsuit and go from there, adding matching overgarments and accessories as you go.
  • Wear lightweight fabrics, light and bright colours, playful prints with simple accessories.

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15 beach outfits you can try depending on your taste include;

  1. Tropical Pants + Sunnies
  2. Crop Top + Striped Pants
  3. Sheer Romper + Belt Bag
  4. Wide-Leg Pants + Cami
  5. Monochrome Vibes
  6. Overalls + Slides
  7. Swimsuit + Belt Bag + Hat
  8. White Wide-Leg Pants + Cami
  9. Tie-Front Top + White Shorts
  10. Floral Sarong
  11. Oversized White Button Down + Hat
  12. White Dress + Straw Bag
  13. Bikini Top + Linen Pants
  14. High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms + Graphic Tee
  15. Crochet Top + Tie-Dye Skirt

What other outfits do you think is missing from this list? Share yours