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Bald hairline

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Bald hairline

Bald hairline! What went wrong?

With a lot of beautiful hairstyles we have in Nigerian, not all are advisable depending on your front hairline. A healthy frontline is a beauty to behold; one can even take out the trending baby curls to further enhance looks.

We will be exploring some factors contributing to a receding hairline while focusing on hairstyles as a major factor.

This is not to discuss female pattern baldness which can be caused by stress, age diet, chemotherapy, and even family history.

A receding hairline could be genetic as well, although this is common in males than females. It is also, a factor that can cause a receding hairline in females but can be managed by doing protective hairstyles such as the Yoruba didi and cornrows.

Also, consistently doing a particular hairstyle is a factor, for instance, Ghana weaving which is quite beautiful but damages the hairline (If there is consistency).

Fashion in Nigeria; some hairstyle you never knew existed. 

This is not to advise you against this hairstyle, but it is advised that you get a stylist that is hair friendly. Someone who knows what to do in order to reduce the risk of losing much of your front hair after you take out the weaves. So, you have a better chance of your frontline growing again in a short while.

It is important that one gives the hair a little breathing space after each hairstyle. There are lots of treatment that can be done in order to help a receding frontline. This varies with hair types as one would realise that a type of treatment that has considered really effective might not work for you.

The use of essential oils works. Also, it is advised that you steam your hair from time to time. This can be done by warming up few tablespoons of olive oil and mix with few tablespoons of mayonnaise, you can massage deep into your hair roots and cover with a plastic cap for 20 to 30 minutes. Then you go ahead to do a protective hairstyle afterwards, it works!

Do you’ve other methods that have worked for you? Kindly share with us in the comment session


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