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Bedtime Episodes; Sleep Paralysis

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Bedtime Episodes; Sleep Paralysis

She wanted to scream Jesus, but all she could do was to gnash her teeth in a slow motion. She struggled to move, but her brain was not receiving any signal, she felt she was not alone in the room she occupied for some years now.

She tried toward the switch until she started hearing the movement of something walking toward her, then she saw something hag-like pressing her down.
With her bulgy eyes, she screamed within herself again, “I need help.” Finally, it was over.

Imagine you were awake and not been able to move not to talk of moving out of the bed, that strange and terrifying moment is called sleep paralysis.
Over time, especially in the African settings, spiritual persons (pastors, Imman, traditionalist etc.) are summoned to ward off the ‘evil spirit’.
Many people have associated sleep paralysis to something demonic, however, various medical researches have confirmed that it has no link with the suppose devil or spirit.

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Many cultural narratives across the globe agreed that it is a female horrible looking ghost that lies down upon the body of the sleeper, rendering them unable to move especially those who lie on their backs while sleeping.

Sleep paralysis is frightening and a completely natural occurrence. It is a medical condition where a person, upon waking up from sleep, experiences a temporary inability to move or speak. It is also often followed by a feeling of a strange presence in the room and sometimes you see or hear things (basically, hallucinating) as well as the physical sensation of experiencing pressure on your chest.

According to the Association for Psychological Science “People who held supernatural beliefs about sleep paralysis experiences also experienced greater post-episode distress. Those who had more analytic cognitive styles, on the other hand, experienced comparatively less distress after sleep paralysis episodes.”

The aforementioned statement implies that it will be less scary when you tell yourself that it’s just sleep paralysis.

What do you think my African people? Medical or Spiritual? Share your take in the comment session. 

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