Body Odour: dealing with body odour

Body Odour: dealing with body odour 

Body Odour: dealing with body odour 

Body odour, also known as Bromhidrosis is simply an unpleasant smell perceived in human’s body. It’s one of the greatest frustration for people that have it, as it can be so embarrassing most times.

Although, body odour is a universal and very natural human trait and can be due to several things. It usually occurs when human reaches puberty stage. Some of the known causes of body odour have been genetic build-ups, excessive sweating, eating too many spicy foods, your bodyweight etc.

How to handle it

  • Shower more regularly – taking your bathe for at least more than once in a day to remove some of the bacteria at the surface of the skin (before they start secreting by-products) and also wash away sweat.
  • The use of anti-bacterial soap – this will enhance the removal of some of the bacteria on your skin surfaces
  • Dry thoroughly after showering – when your skin is dry, it’s harder for the bacteria to thrive. Bacteria grow fastest in moist environments.
  • Use antiperspirant deodorant – this will prevent/reduce sweating and therefore reduce body odour
  • Cut out spicy foods – reduce the intake of strong-smelling foods like curry, garlic, spicy peppers, onions etc. that can cause a more pungent sweat.
  • Limit your caffeine intake – these also cause you to sweat more than usual.
  • Regular shaving of the armpits and pubic areas- The hair holds sweat and makes a good environment where bacteria can thrive. Removing hair can go a long way in controlling body odour.

Most people get B.O at some stages in life, but they were able to get rid of it. If body odour is something that is affecting you, please give your doctor a call if you’ve tried all possible solution because there are treatments available to help reduce it and help you feel confident again.

You should also see your doctor if your body smells different than usual. A fruity smell could indicate diabetes due to high levels of ketones in the bloodstream. Liver or kidney disease can often make the individual have a bleach-like smell due to a build-up of toxins in the body.

If you were able to get rid of BO in the past using other conventional means, kindly share with us in the comment session

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