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Body Shaming

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Body Shaming

Mary Lambert, an American singer, songwriter and spoken word artiste said, “You are worth more than a waistline. You are no less valuable at a size 16 than a size 4, You are no less valuable as a 32A than a 32C.”

Body shaming though is not limited to fat-shaming, as long as you have a body, then your body is subject to some form of scrutiny from others and from you. One can be height shamed, shape shamed, body hair shamed, you name it!

It is a society where thinness is the model body and weight loss is a brave step into a healthy life.
Really though, everyone is guilty of body shaming others, you might not even know it.
Subtle statements that seem like compliments, such as,

• You are too tall!!! Why don’t you play basketball
• You definitely look trim and healthy
• You are so slim I can wrap my hands around you
• You look so good, who would have thought you will ever add weight
• You are so pretty for a smart girl like you
Sometimes you might even shame yourself,
• I feel so fat

Certain words in the vocabulary have become so sensitive when they are supposed to be just words. Fat is the antonym of slim, so is short to tall. Fat which is not even a bad word has been replaced with thick.
Being fat, short, tall does not make you less healthy, neither does it reduce your significance as a human.

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Body shaming can be so subtle it might pass as a joke, but a lot of people face a lot of challenges which might be a determinant of how they look at a particular time. How one looks should not actually be a subject of discussion except they make it your business.

Let us not all think it is only women who are subject to this, men likewise and babies as well.

Have you ever heard statements like your baby is so skinny does she have a low appetite?
Body shaming has been a core part of our society, you see it in skits, memes, and hear it in songs.

Advocating body positivity starts with you, loving your body irrespective of whoever says what. A constant reminder to people who love to body shame others to hold back because their words have no effect on you at all.

Stop Body-Shaming, let’s embrace one another the way we are! 

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