Do women write wills too?

Do women write wills too?

Are will just for men? Often as women, we view this a man thing and for those probably on the sick bed ready to transition to the great beyond. Writing wills might not be listed as a pleasant task, however, it requires being proactive, it is a vital responsibility and should be viewed as such.

Also called a testament, it is a legal document by which a person, the testator, expresses their wishes as to how their property is to be distributed at death, and names one or more persons called the executor, to manage the estate until its final distribution.

Writing a will means you are taking responsibility and you are being intentional about passing your wealth baton. Your rich legacy should be bequeathed to your loved one (those that you know will handle it well and pass it on to the next generation) preferably through a will. Verbalising your wishes through a will help your heir(s) to avoid unnecessary hassles and most importantly, it helps you attain peace of mind known that your assets are in the desired hands.

Without a will, your hard-earned belonging (properties, shares) will be distributed without you having a say. And you will become an intestate which means the state according to the law will decide who gets what.

You are probably telling yourself it is for the wealthy people like Mrs Folorunsho Alakija - Nigeria’s billionaire and businesswoman, Ibukun Awosika-First Bank Chairman, Mo Abudu - media mogul, etc, quit that thought now.


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The most important things to provide for in your will are who will be your executors, who will be the beneficiaries of your assets, and in cases where there are minors – who the guardian(s) of the minors will be.

Are you a Nigeria woman? here are what makes your will valid:
1. It must be made voluntarily
2. It must be in writing (either typed or handwritten)
3. It must be signed by the testator (the writer)
4. The signature of the testator must be acknowledged by at least 2 witnesses (it is advised that a beneficiary to a will must not act as a witness to the will).
5. The testator must be of sound mind
6. It must name the beneficiary or beneficiaries
7. It must identify the property.

You should start writing one today.

Post-Partum Health

Post-Partum Health: Changes Your Body Make After Pregnancy

Being a mother has a physical impact on the body which can be permanent. While you prepare for some changes, some surprise sprouts.
You really cannot prepare enough for post-partum changes. It varies, your first pregnancy and second have tendencies to be entirely different.

1. You need a bigger brassier: Your breast will probably be engorged with milk for a day or two after childbirth. The nipple may also look displaced and the colour of the areola may become dark. Permanent change here includes sagging of the breast as a result of the stretched skin. You may also experience milk leakage for several weeks, even if you don't breastfeed. You look in the mirror and see someone different from you, that part of the motherhood journey.

2. Hair loss: Following childbirth, you are very likely to experience hair loss, this is as a result of a drop in hormone levels. During pregnancy, hair often thickens but after birth comes the shedding time, however, it should go back to normal after some month.

3. Stomach flab: Carrying and growing a human being inside your body for nine months is a big deal. The female belly undergoes more changes during pregnancy than any other body part. Depending on your age, genetics, and this can mean stretch marks and excess flab, or a "pooch," postpartum. Your post-baby bump will stick our for at least a month, some may never go back to its original shape.

4. Vaginal Discharge: The vaginal discharge is known as lochia. Lochia is the benign leftover blood mucus and tissue from your uterus, mostly from the place where your placenta was attached. Expect this bloody discharge to last between four and six weeks.
The flow can be heavy; hence, it is advised to use heavy-duty pads instead of tampons. Tampons can put you at risks of infection or cause pain or irritation.

5. Bigger footwears: Weight gain and hormones are two main reasons for the change in shoe size during pregnancy. It's pretty normal for a woman’s feet to swell up during pregnancy. Some women’s feet can stay larger even after giving birth.

Busted: 10 Menstruation Myths

Busted: 10 Menstruation Myths

Menstruation is a fundamental part of the female human body and without it monthly presence, women would not be able to get pregnant not to talk of childbirth. Unfortunately, that time of the month is surrounded by myths.

Menstruation aka period, menses, visitor, “downtime (India)” happens when blood gushes out of the female genitalia. That time of the month which usually does not exceed seven days for some women comes with extreme nausea, crippling headache, stomach cramps, mood swing, etc.

Publog explored how menstruation has been shrouded in age-long belief.

1. Visitation to the bathroom is prohibited. In Afghanistan, It is believed that when a woman is seeing her period, she must avoid taking her bath because doing so, might make her infertile i.e. ‘gazag’.

2. Menstruating women are unclean: This is prevalent in many parts of the world and supported by the major religion of the world. menstruating women are not allowing to enter some place of worship because these places are ‘clean.’
Practised widely in Nepal, India. Period blood is seen entirely different.

3. Syncing of periods: You probably have fallen for this. It is believed that when two or more women spend time together, perhaps as roommates, their period comes at the same time. Is this true?

4. Wash your face with period blood: In Philippians, it is believed that when you first experience your period, you need to wash your face with the blood to have spotless skin.

5. Goat is slaughtered: In south-Africa, a goat is slaughtered and the menstruating girl is isolated with her head covered till sunset from friends.

6. Uncooked Moi-Moi: In Nigeria, there are many beliefs, one is that when a menstruating woman touches Moi-Moi or attempts to cook it, it would not get done.


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7. Poverty: If a woman is on her period and she sleeps in the same bed with her husband, he will be unfortunate or poor.

8. Tampon deflowers: It is a popular belief, especially, in the U.K and U.S that tampon breaks a woman’s hymen and takes her virginity. This is untrue because the hymen is not a flat piece of tissue that completely covers the vaginal opening. In most cases, the hymen is a fringe piece of tissue that is around the vaginal opening.

9. Periods are shameful: In some societies, menstruation is perceived as shameful and embarrassing. It is even prohibited to discuss it in the public or private.

10. No sexual intercourse during menstruation: It is believed that a woman on her period should not have sexual intercourse.


Weird Piercing You Rarely See

Weird Piercing You Rarely See

Multiple ear piercings are extremely cute, especially when you wear earrings that are properly paired. They are common as well as the nose and tongue piercings. If you have heard of the following, have you ever really thought of having them on?

Nipple piercings are quite weird, a lil birdie told us that nipple piercings drive some of our male folks crazy. We asked some women and they wondered how their child will suckle with such piercings. For some, it is a ‘NO NO’. We would admit the ones we have seen look quite cute.

Full face piercings: Some folks pierce their eyebrow, lips, but a full face covering?? We sometimes wonder how much pain people can endure doing want they feel like doing!

Gum piercing: This takes a lot of courage! Ha, this courage has to be cooked, well prepared to manage this. This piercing is done above the tooth right on that fleshy gum.

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Eyelid Piercing: This piercing runs through the eyelid, yes, you heard that, the eyelid! If you are thinking of having a piercing, we do not suggest you try this. We love you and do not want your eyeball rolling over a sharp object.

Along the nose: You know that bridge that separates one hole of the nose from the other inside. Now imagine a piece of jewellery running through from one opening into another. Weird right?

Finger piercings: This is usually at the base of the finger, some people opt out of wedding rings and pierce their ring finger. One should be careful of this kind of piercing because of the constant use of the fingers in the toilet and other activities.

Leg piercing: This piercing can be on any part of the leg and even the heel. While the heel piercing is cool. Wonder the kind of pain one will feel when you hit your heel accidentally, ouch!!!!!!!!!

Genital piercings: Genital jewellery has a kind of stimulation. There are several types of genital piercings and risks they come with. Stay with us on Publog and we will educate you more about it. Muahhhhhhhh

How to Get Rid of Dandruff

How to Get Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff is also medically called Seborrhoea. It occurs when a fungus Malassezia begins to grow on your scalp causing tingling, greasy patches or tiny visible white flakes on your scalp. This can be due to stress, dry skin, Parkinson's disease, poor washing and brushing of hair.

Dandruff is very uncomfortable as it itches and you constantly have those tiny flakes falling off your hair whenever you touch it.

There are several remedies to control dandruff. For mild dandruff, you can use medicated dandruff shampoo regularly. Not all shampoos or some other remedies might work for you. You may need to try more than one to know the one that works for you.

Your anti-dandruff shampoo should contain the following, Zinc Pyrithione (which is an antifungal and antibacterial agent), salicylic acid (which helps eliminate scales).


This shampoos should be used with precaution as they may cause hair discolouration, as such, they must be used as directed.

There are also home remedies if you cannot get hold of any of these shampoos which are just as effective.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil has multiple health benefits. It has proven effective for prevention of dandruff. You can use it as your ‘go-to hair oil’.

Aloe vera: Aloe vera has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It may help reduce the severity of dandruff. Aloe vera can be added to other materials needed to steam your hair under the dryer.

Aspirin: One primary component of aspirin is salicylic acid. This is also found in some antidandruff shampoos. You can get a sachet of aspirin and pour all content into a 75cl bottle of normal shampoo.

You can use these two to three times every week to wash your hair.
Some men too deal with the stress and discomfort of dandruff, they can use these remedies as well.

If you experience any form of discomfort while using any of these remedies, please visit your dermatologist. Also note that stress affects overall health, getting enough rest and eating a healthy diet containing Zinc and vitamins may help prevent dandruff.


Breastfeeding and Alcohol

Infant Health: Breastfeeding and Alcohol

According to the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, alcohol intake is not the safest option for breastfeeding mothers. Similarly, Mayo Clinic also advises against alcohol consumption, the health body said there's no level of alcohol in breast milk that's considered safe for a baby to drink.

Alcohol passes from the bloodstream into breast milk and this can affect an infant’s sleeping patterns.

Meanwhile, some healthcare providers advise total refrain, while others say moderation should be the watchword for breastfeeding mothers who take alcohol.

Also, many advised that lactating mothers are to drink enough fluid according to her thirst or if she notices that her output is low or concentrated.

CDC recommends one drink of alcohol  beverages at most per day and at least two hours before nursing. The health body warns that exposure to alcohol above moderate levels may also impair a mother’s judgement and ability to safely care for her child.

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The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that alcohol intake by a breastfeeding mom who chooses to drink should only be occasional. It also recommends drinking no more than a moderate amount of alcohol at one time, which for a 130-lb. woman is equivalent to 2 ounces of liquor, 8 ounces of wine, or two beers. They also recommend that you wait 2 hours or more after drinking alcohol before you breastfeed your baby.

However, abuse of alcohol can interfere with the milk reflex. It’s could also shorten breastfeeding duration to decreased milk production. And could affect the infant’s sleep pattern and early development.

The Motherisk program in Toronto, Canada has issued more conservative guidelines stating that “At this time, there are no known benefits of exposing nursing infants to alcohol. Although occasional drinking while nursing has not been ruled out.

Occasional drinking, however, does not warrant discontinuing breastfeeding, as the benefits of breastfeeding are extensive and recognised. Until a safe level of alcohol in breast milk is established, no alcohol in breast milk is safest for nursing babies. It is, therefore, prudent for mothers to delay breastfeeding their babies until the alcohol is completely cleared from their breast milk.”

Signs He Wants You But Not a Relationship

Signs He Wants You But Not a Relationship

Y’all are just in between, you are more than friends, but you are not lovers, we would not use the term ‘friend turn brother’. Obviously, there is a romantic feeling but y’all are not dating. We could use the word entanglement, only that you both are not intimate and if you are, oops! All the more complicated. These signs will help you discern better.

Communication: We usually have friends we talk to almost every time but then you notice a subtle difference with this one, it is more. You guys tend to discuss almost anything together. It is like you connect on another level.

Attention: Attention and communication tend to be confused to be the same thing but there is actually a difference. Attention is showing care, affection. At this point, you would expect that he pops the question but he won’t say anything but it is quite obvious that he has strong feelings for you.

Gifts: He gives you gifts without you asking and even when you mention something you will like to have trivially, you realize he gets it for you. At this point, we feel like the best thing is to ask questions and not just go along with an unlabelled relationship ‘ you might not want to do this but it is best to ask to save yourself the stress of waiting and expecting him to pop the question.

He might not, sooner, as you would expect as he is not ready for a relationship. Are you willing to wait till he is ready?

Inability to label the relationship: You want to ask questions but each time he waives you off or says things like ‘ I really love you and I know I’m the one taking time to ask you out’. Probing further will help you know more of the reasons he is holding back.

This can be due to financial or emotional instability, you can not just guess until you ask. Then it is up to you to decide to wait. Please, this is on repeat ‘ No matter how much he claims to love you and does not ask you to be his girl, DO NOT ASSUME YOU BOTH ARE DATING. ASK QUESTIONS.

Why you should let the fart out

Why you should let the fart out

Ever noticed why some patients are still in the hospital even after a ‘successful’ surgery? The condition for them to be discharged could be to‘express’ themselves by farting.

Fart after surgical operation is mandatory as it ensures that all the gut/organs are back in place. This buttress the significant of exploring and letting it go discreetly.

Call it ‘polluting the air’ if you wish, but it is the way the internal organs ‘exhale’ otherwise the 'gas' meant to be let out will find its way via somewhere else (the mouth maybe?).

Here are some reasons you should let it out.
1. Helps in preventing illnesses
When we fart, we release some amount of hydrogen sulphide. Studies have shown that if you don’t release that ‘pressure’ then this gas keeps on accumulating inside your body and in severe cases can also lead to cell damage and heart problems, and even stroke.

2. Relieves the body
Omg! There is this feeling of relief that comes after farting. You too can attest to that. Fart is naturally the system's way of releasing pressure caused by everything that goes into the body after the digestive system is done processing all it needs to function!

3. Inhaling fart is good for the body!
Are you kidding me! The hydrogen sulphide that reduces cell damage when inhaled in small amounts which at the end of the day reports reveal keep strokes, heart diseases and more at bay!

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4. An indicator to improve the quality of diet
If you hardly fart, you might have to examine and improve your diet. If there's a case where gas isn't released (via farting) then the microbes in the gut may not be getting the needed nutrients (which should be in place for a clean gut).

5. It reduces bloating
Bloating is simply a mixture of water and gas. This occurs when you take a large meal and don’t give it takes to digest.
Regular fart helps to get rid of bloating. These common causes are carbohydrates and sugary foods. Bloating may result in heartburn.
Farting immediately in most cases eliminate bloating simply like releasing a pressure valve.

How often do you fart? Soro Soke, don't be shy! 

Bedtime Episodes; Sleep Paralysis

Bedtime Episodes; Sleep Paralysis

She wanted to scream Jesus, but all she could do was to gnash her teeth in a slow motion. She struggled to move, but her brain was not receiving any signal, she felt she was not alone in the room she occupied for some years now.

She tried toward the switch until she started hearing the movement of something walking toward her, then she saw something hag-like pressing her down.
With her bulgy eyes, she screamed within herself again, "I need help." Finally, it was over.

Imagine you were awake and not been able to move not to talk of moving out of the bed, that strange and terrifying moment is called sleep paralysis.
Over time, especially in the African settings, spiritual persons (pastors, Imman, traditionalist etc.) are summoned to ward off the 'evil spirit'.
Many people have associated sleep paralysis to something demonic, however, various medical researches have confirmed that it has no link with the suppose devil or spirit.

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Many cultural narratives across the globe agreed that it is a female horrible looking ghost that lies down upon the body of the sleeper, rendering them unable to move especially those who lie on their backs while sleeping.

Sleep paralysis is frightening and a completely natural occurrence. It is a medical condition where a person, upon waking up from sleep, experiences a temporary inability to move or speak. It is also often followed by a feeling of a strange presence in the room and sometimes you see or hear things (basically, hallucinating) as well as the physical sensation of experiencing pressure on your chest.

According to the Association for Psychological Science "People who held supernatural beliefs about sleep paralysis experiences also experienced greater post-episode distress. Those who had more analytic cognitive styles, on the other hand, experienced comparatively less distress after sleep paralysis episodes."

The aforementioned statement implies that it will be less scary when you tell yourself that it's just sleep paralysis.

What do you think my African people? Medical or Spiritual? Share your take in the comment session. 

A Good Friend

A Good Friend

A good friend isn’t what you go to bargain for in the market, so, what are the traits of a good friend. You have heard someone say, she is a snitch, I don’t trust her, and the likes.  Often in life, we crave association, companionship, this is because we are a social animal.

Friendship is usually associated with love, loyalty, trust, happiness, common goals, and respect, by definition, it is a mutual relationship between one or more persons usually referred to as a friend. This is also why we have cliques, our cliques are those friends that know what strangers do not know and they usually love and want the best for one another.

Meanwhile, friendships exist in two dimensions; its either good or bad. There is common saying that “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are,” this means that you are as good as the company you keep.

Having said this, you might want to examine your company and if also you are a good friend. The following tips will help you.

1. No pretence: A true friend does not pretend. They are transparent, they have no ulterior motive. You do not try to be someone else.

2. Cheerleader: They are your biggest motivator and accountability, partner.

3. Honesty is your watchword: No matter what you are honest even in your most vulnerable state. You are honest to a fault.

4. Communication: Irrespective of the distance, you stay in touch. You have no excuse, this is the 21st century, the internet has provided convenient ways to achieve this. It could be done through video calls, texts, or just voice calls. And you offer listening ears even when you do not have a solution to their problem. It is comforting to have someone who you can pour your heart to whenever you need to.

Examine yourself, are you are a good friend? Share that one thing that has keep you going as a good friend in the comment session below.