Sexual Arousal and Lubricants

Sexual Arousal and Lubricants

Are you dealing with vagina dryness? You are not alone; vaginal dryness is a common sexual issue. Sex can be boring if you can’t self-lubricant.

Fluid from the cervix and secretions from the Bartholin glands, two pea-sized glands at the entrance to the vagina — help keep the vagina lubricated. During arousal, the Bartholin glands secrete extra fluid to reduce friction.

This means that when a woman is sexually aroused, the vagina normally self-lubricates which makes the experience a lot more fun. Lubrication helps to make sexual activity smooth and exciting. It can be a way to spice things.

Intercourse without lubricant can be painful and damage the vaginal lining. Your body may produce less lubricant as a result of hormonal changes, menopause, ageing, or medication.

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But there is something that can help if you can’t self-lubricate; artificial lubricants. Artificial lubricant helps to decrease friction in your genitals due to hormones, ageing, medications, etc.

Using the lubricant before sexual activity can help prevent itching, burning, soreness, irritation, chaffing, and other discomforts.

There are different kinds of lubricants, oil-based, silicone-based, glycerine.
• Oil-based are readily available products, like kitchen oils. Synthetic oil-based lubricants, such as mineral oil and petroleum jelly, can work well but may also irritate the vulva. You might not want to use it because it stains your leave some hard to clean stains on your bedsheet. And many time, oil lubes are associated with higher rates of infection.
• Silicone-based lubricants last longer than water-based lubricants
• Water-based lubricants containing glycerine are popular. However, glycerine free options may be more suitable for people who get frequent yeast infections.

To use lubricants, it is advisable to be conscious and pay attention. Apply a small amount of your preferred product and increase it till you feel comfortable. 

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Keeping vegetables fresh and longer the right way will make them safe for consumption. Some vegetables need to be stored in the refrigerator, others at best room temperature or in a cool dry place, others need to ripen before being placed in the refrigerator.

How to Keep Vegetables Fresh and Longer

Keeping vegetables fresh and longer the right way will make them safe for consumption. Some vegetables need to be stored in the refrigerator, others at best room temperature or in a cool dry place, others need to ripen before being placed in the refrigerator.

Factors like humidity, temperature, how long it was harvested before it got to the shelve and was brought home have a huge impact on the duration of veggies.

We often store foods for convincing and to prevent waste. We adopt different means of storage, refrigerator, reusable silicone pouches or air-tight containers.
Theses containers hold in moisture thereby preventing the items from dehydration.


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PUBLOG would recommend that you select the freshest vegetables in the grocery store or market, this is the first step to getting a lasting and nutritious vegetable for your meals. How do you know it is the freshest veggies? The leafy greens should be very green without yellow colouration. And this means that you might have to be at the store physically and not rely on the delivery man/woman. Also, when choosing root veggies, such as squash, onion and cabbages, pick based on their heavy sizes.

If you intend to keep your leafy greens beyond one or two days, wrap the unwashed leaves in a paper towel, so, the towel can absorb any excess moisture.

Vegetables like potatoes, onions, garlic and sweet potatoes should be kept in the dark or an opaque bag as sunlight make them sprout and inedible. Keeping tomatoes from rotting can be difficult but ensure to keep tomatoes out of the refrigerator. You can also keep it in a bowl that has been lined with a paper towel with the stems at the top.

Additional, for veggies like bell pepper, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, mushrooms, strawberries, mushrooms, etc are items that can be stored in the refrigerator. It’s advised that you put these veggies in hot water before putting them in the fridge.

Your lettuce looks drooping due to the cold temperature of your fridge, it can be refreshed by giving them an ice bath. Put your lettuce or herbs in a bowl of ice water and shake it around to revive and refresh it.

Do women write wills too?

Do women write wills too?

Are will just for men? Often as women, we view this a man thing and for those probably on the sick bed ready to transition to the great beyond. Writing wills might not be listed as a pleasant task, however, it requires being proactive, it is a vital responsibility and should be viewed as such.

Also called a testament, it is a legal document by which a person, the testator, expresses their wishes as to how their property is to be distributed at death, and names one or more persons called the executor, to manage the estate until its final distribution.

Writing a will means you are taking responsibility and you are being intentional about passing your wealth baton. Your rich legacy should be bequeathed to your loved one (those that you know will handle it well and pass it on to the next generation) preferably through a will. Verbalising your wishes through a will help your heir(s) to avoid unnecessary hassles and most importantly, it helps you attain peace of mind known that your assets are in the desired hands.

Without a will, your hard-earned belonging (properties, shares) will be distributed without you having a say. And you will become an intestate which means the state according to the law will decide who gets what.

You are probably telling yourself it is for the wealthy people like Mrs Folorunsho Alakija - Nigeria’s billionaire and businesswoman, Ibukun Awosika-First Bank Chairman, Mo Abudu - media mogul, etc, quit that thought now.


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The most important things to provide for in your will are who will be your executors, who will be the beneficiaries of your assets, and in cases where there are minors – who the guardian(s) of the minors will be.

Are you a Nigeria woman? here are what makes your will valid:
1. It must be made voluntarily
2. It must be in writing (either typed or handwritten)
3. It must be signed by the testator (the writer)
4. The signature of the testator must be acknowledged by at least 2 witnesses (it is advised that a beneficiary to a will must not act as a witness to the will).
5. The testator must be of sound mind
6. It must name the beneficiary or beneficiaries
7. It must identify the property.

You should start writing one today.

Signs He Wants You But Not a Relationship

Signs He Wants You But Not a Relationship

Y’all are just in between, you are more than friends, but you are not lovers, we would not use the term ‘friend turn brother’. Obviously, there is a romantic feeling but y’all are not dating. We could use the word entanglement, only that you both are not intimate and if you are, oops! All the more complicated. These signs will help you discern better.

Communication: We usually have friends we talk to almost every time but then you notice a subtle difference with this one, it is more. You guys tend to discuss almost anything together. It is like you connect on another level.

Attention: Attention and communication tend to be confused to be the same thing but there is actually a difference. Attention is showing care, affection. At this point, you would expect that he pops the question but he won’t say anything but it is quite obvious that he has strong feelings for you.

Gifts: He gives you gifts without you asking and even when you mention something you will like to have trivially, you realize he gets it for you. At this point, we feel like the best thing is to ask questions and not just go along with an unlabelled relationship ‘ you might not want to do this but it is best to ask to save yourself the stress of waiting and expecting him to pop the question.

He might not, sooner, as you would expect as he is not ready for a relationship. Are you willing to wait till he is ready?

Inability to label the relationship: You want to ask questions but each time he waives you off or says things like ‘ I really love you and I know I’m the one taking time to ask you out’. Probing further will help you know more of the reasons he is holding back.

This can be due to financial or emotional instability, you can not just guess until you ask. Then it is up to you to decide to wait. Please, this is on repeat ‘ No matter how much he claims to love you and does not ask you to be his girl, DO NOT ASSUME YOU BOTH ARE DATING. ASK QUESTIONS.

A Good Friend

A Good Friend

A good friend isn’t what you go to bargain for in the market, so, what are the traits of a good friend. You have heard someone say, she is a snitch, I don’t trust her, and the likes.  Often in life, we crave association, companionship, this is because we are a social animal.

Friendship is usually associated with love, loyalty, trust, happiness, common goals, and respect, by definition, it is a mutual relationship between one or more persons usually referred to as a friend. This is also why we have cliques, our cliques are those friends that know what strangers do not know and they usually love and want the best for one another.

Meanwhile, friendships exist in two dimensions; its either good or bad. There is common saying that “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are,” this means that you are as good as the company you keep.

Having said this, you might want to examine your company and if also you are a good friend. The following tips will help you.

1. No pretence: A true friend does not pretend. They are transparent, they have no ulterior motive. You do not try to be someone else.

2. Cheerleader: They are your biggest motivator and accountability, partner.

3. Honesty is your watchword: No matter what you are honest even in your most vulnerable state. You are honest to a fault.

4. Communication: Irrespective of the distance, you stay in touch. You have no excuse, this is the 21st century, the internet has provided convenient ways to achieve this. It could be done through video calls, texts, or just voice calls. And you offer listening ears even when you do not have a solution to their problem. It is comforting to have someone who you can pour your heart to whenever you need to.

Examine yourself, are you are a good friend? Share that one thing that has keep you going as a good friend in the comment session below. 

Love Manual

Love Manual; Does it Exist?

Is there a menu on how to love??? You hear some people say ‘I have done what every woman would do for a Man, what else does he want?’ We understand that love is not just feelings, it is actions too. Do you also understand that the first step in loving someone else is loving yourself first?

Love is beautiful when you love yourself first, only then would you be able to recognize hatred or inhumaneness and run from it. Loving someone else is a wonderful feeling ‘after receiving a credit alert' like some people will say, Lmao. Love is great, you just know you are in love when you do fall in love.

Wanting to always care for the other person, showers of attention, you would always want to do things that will make the other person happy. You would ask, what if the other person does not reciprocate? What if I have told this person how I feel and they do not feel the same way?

That is when loving yourself comes in, it will help you make decisions that will give you peace of mind irrespective of how much it hurts.

As earlier said there is no manual on how to love, these tips will help you through. Discuss with the other party and understand if they feel the same way about you and if they don’t, please give love a chance with someone else who does. In other words, try to move on.

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Now if they feel the same way, try to understand your partners love language. Your partner might be the one who loves affirmative words, physical touch and your availability when needed. Knowing what your partner wants will help you do what makes them

We all have deal breakers in relationships, if your partner has a trait you can not cope with, then review the relationship as this will only lead to arguments and fights. If you can cope, that is where tolerance comes in, nagging your partner about that trait would not make them change. Talking to them about it might help them adjust.

Loving someone is not that difficult, just ensure to find that which is yours but before that happens love yourself and wait patiently till the universe brings yours to you.

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Red Flags in Relationships

Red Flags in Relationships

Haa!!! You were so sure there was something fishy going on but you could not place it until it became ‘ yam, pepper scatter scatter' sigh.

Fifty per cent of times, in fact, more than fifty per cent of times you guts are right, when you think that something is wrong somewhere, you should go back and check again just to be sure. We are most times right but choose to throw caution to the wind, be carried away, ignorant of our observations and feelings.

The same thing applies in a relationship, this is not about being insecure, paranoid or just having trust issues and uncertainties about what life throws at you. It is about trusting you and your feelings.

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The signs are there sweet sis do not ignore it, you do not need to nag him also, just ask questions, you will find answers I assure you.

You know he loves you or ‘used to' if that is the excuse you have for ignoring that he has gotten comfortable with not talking to you in days and does not seem to bother, sis! o wrong now! You cannot be too busy for the one you love and when he is so busy due to ‘powers beyond his control' there should have been a previous agreement before that time. Communication is key!

He does not invite you over at all and when he does the only thing you do is have sex, he does not bother to know how you have been faring, sis ‘shine those beautiful eyes joor' if he is not giving you that care, he is probably giving it to another woman or he is just plain self-centred.

You go on a date and all he does is salivate on every other lady. If you were thinking of giving this man a chance, you need to go back to think again. If he cannot even focus on you on one date, when will he ever get to focus on the relationship?

Does he nag you about your weight? Saying insensitive jokes about you being plus size? You are beautiful in every sense of the word and we do not need anyone damaging your self-esteem and mental health. We also do not want for you someone who does not respect you. THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU.


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Date Menu

Date Menu

You are just getting to know each other and you are curious to know who this gentleman or woman could be. There are certain interesting conversations to make, and there are ones you should refrain from.

The main mission is to keep the interaction interesting so the two of you can truly get to know each another, have the right kinds of conversations without creating a tense or boring atmosphere.

Have you ever found it hard to know your date’s sense of humour? You might say to yourself, are my jokes going to make my date burst into laughter or otherwise. How well does he/she handle sarcasm? You just don’t want to go wrong this time, true or false?

Just like a menu list, that has a list of all the food you can choose in a restaurant, the date menu list also has a list of what you might prefer to have on the table of discussion.

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If you are unsure how to jump into a conversation, why not start by giving genuine compliments, I repeat genuine comment. You could complement his/her outfit, choice of restaurant (environment), hairdo, accent, etc. This can transition to a broader conversation about food, education, hobbies, music, movies, books, best relaxation spot, life experiences, mutual interests, etc.

Also, I know you might be excited to see this person, that you don’t even know what to say, it is understandable. However, avoid definite responses like yes, no. Try to expatiate. Hmm hmmm is a no go around. It’s supposed to be a dialogue, not a monologue. The aforementioned words make it an emotionless

Ask questions based on what is presently being discussed. If for instance, your date is talking about childhood memories, try not to switch the topic suddenly, to how your ex-lover broke up with you, obviously, there is no correlation between those two.

Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal: Will you give the ring back after the break-up

Blah! Blah! Blah! We are all aware you said yes to that marriage proposal, in fact, we were all present when you accepted that diamond ring with so much screaming and tears in your eyes.

You are no longer interested in the proposal for reasons best known to you, it is quite alright as long as you are happy which is the most important thing. Girl! Why in the world would you not give that ring back? A ring is given to symbolises a promise of marriage between both parties and now that there is a breach of agreement, will you do the right thing?

Is it because it is expensive and you can sell it off and get some money off it, perhaps, you just want to get back at him? What if it was not expensive, would you not have returned or even trash it.

Now let us get this straight, a lot of ladies might have been through so much trauma in a relationship and believe that holding on to the ring is a little compensation for all the trauma they have experienced. They might just sell it off if it was expensive and use the money. "What a wawu right?" Are you that desperate? It even gets worse when the guy in question is clamouring for his ring back.

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Are you also holding on to that ring, as a remembrance of the good times you both shared? If that is the case, then girl it's not worth it, you deserve better so start moving on. It is easier said than done but the earlier you face your reality, the easier your healing process becomes.

Think about it this way, he bought the ring with his money, it's his ring, then he decides to give the ring to solidify your mutual agreement. Now you are no longer towing that part, isn't that enough reason to return it?

For whatever reason you are holding on to that ring, if the guy wants the ring back then you should give it back, if not then do as you wish.

Are we speaking fo all our single ladies out there? Please, share your opinion

What Men Want-min

What do men really want?

Every lady has this question on her mind, sometimes it could be because someone is seriously asking you out, which makes you wonder, 'why is the guy really into me'. It could also be your relationship, sometimes, you might want to know why your spouse loves you so much. He might not have thought about it, but you may possess some of these qualities.

Men desire women who treat them likes kings. Yes, he asked you out, you always expect he should always be the one texting, calling, visiting as well as springing up surprise outing and gifts. He is treating you like a queen, you should do the same too. You would note a song by Fireboy - king 'baby se mi bi oba, me I fit fight for your love, but i no go fit beg for your love'. You should make him feel wanted too,  queen.

Men want women who are capable of taking care of themselves. Forget when he says I do not want you doing this or that', just own you and own your money. Be financially independent!

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Men want to be with a woman who shares his goals and dreams. Someone who had dreams for herself too, not just dreams but someone who is actively working to achieve her dreams.

Men want women who listen, who they can confide in. Do not forget that your reaction to everything he shares with you determines what he will be comfortable telling you. So you want your man comfortable telling you every single thing, then you have to be able to handle situations properly.

Men want women who have a positive outlook on things. Like our Naija peeps would say ' person wey get vibes back to back'. Someone who they are compatible with. Compatibility is key in determining the longevity of that relationship or marriage.

What men want is not far fetched. would also like to emphasize that irrespective of what men want, we also want women who are comfortable being themselves and comfortable in their skin.

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