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Classic Hair Options Asides Human Hair

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Classic Hair Options Asides Human Hair

When you have your clothes on fleek, having a bad hair day could make your efforts on your outfit go to waste. You do not have to spend so much either. We know how expensive quality hair is and when it is really cheap, beware! Because quality human hair is not cheap.

However, you do not have to break the bank to get beautiful hair or even get your hair done. it does not always have to be human hair. We have other amazing options, the first on our list is the braids.

Braids: The braided wig used to be very expensive close to over twenty thousand. Now you have several options and ones that are readily available at various salons and hair shops. You have the ones that are done with frontals and closures. All you need to do it buy according to your budget. Braided wigs are classics options, no matter the type you get, you are good to go. You could also braid your hair, there are options such as the box braids, knotless braids.


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Crochets: Some of these crochets are braided, some are local while others are not. The good thing about crochets is that you do not have to spend the whole day at the salon. Your hair is weaved beneath and the crochets attached to it. There are some weavon crochet brands that really give you that human hair feels also.

Ponytail: These are not just bridal hair options. The ponytail does not take the whole day either neither do you need just the human hair for this. Crochets, attachments, weavons are used for this style as well.

Pixie cut: Pixie cuts are comfortable to wear. The weavon used for this is pocket friendly. The least is about 1500 naira, you will need to get about two. The good news is, you can make this into a wig at a low cost and also use it for a long period of time.

Cornrows: Cornrows do not always have to be braided with your natural hair only, you can get them done using attachments and in any style as well. You could also fix it up with some classy hair accessories.

‘Food wey sweet, na money kill am’, yea right! But we say ‘Food wey sweet, na person wey sabi cook, cook am’. Find the right stylist and look classy on your budget!


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