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Contact Lens as a Fashion Accessory

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Contact Lens as a Fashion Accessory

Contact lenses are thin lenses placed directly on the eye surface. Contact lens is worn with a prescription.  It correct vision just like the glasses but now we have cosmetic Lens that are worn to accentuate the appearance of the eye. There are also coloured ones which give your eye a completely different colour or enhance the natural colour.

Cosmetic lenses are now a big part of eye makeup. Coloured contacts are the most popular. These coloured contacts are really beautiful as there is a wide range of colours you can get to change your look. To avoid causing problems for yourself with the use of contacts,

Do not fix your contacts with unclean hands. Make sure to wash with soap and water and dry off your hands before fixing your contact.

Do not wear contacts while washing your face, taking a bath or swimming. Water can get in your eyes, the contacts can trap bacteria in this process causing eye infections.


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Do not wear your contacts for a long period of time. Try to change your contact lens consistently.

Do not wear contact lens to bed. Contacts need to be moisturized as well as your eyes need oxygen. Even if you use the soft contact lens ( the second type is the hard one which is now obsolete) which allows the flow of Oxygen, you still need to moisturize the lens by placing it back in the solution to keep them safe and clean.

There are two main types of cleaning solution, the multipurpose and hydrogen peroxide-based.

All contact lens, corrective and cosmetic, pose the same risk. They should be handled with care and fitted properly in the eye to prevent any damage. If you are getting it for fashion purposes, we advise that you still consult your doctor so that the best fit can be recommended, and to put you through use as well as cleaning of your contacts.

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