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Dating a Married Man

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Dating a Married Man

You are already deep in love and he is a cool guy, ‘a cool married man’, you cannot turn back now? Right. Dating a married man is one of the most complicated relationships one could ever be in. You ask how?

• You are dating someone who is legally bonded with another woman
• If he has kids, it makes it all the more complicated
• It is not a relationship you can flaunt except you are asking for trouble
• He would never be your lawfully wedded husband except of course he genuinely leaves his wife to be with you
• Now even when he promises to leave his wife, it might never happen as couples can always reconcile
• Hahahahaha sis you do not have that right to get jealous when he is not giving you that time and attention, he is not your property, you stole him from under someone too
• You always have to be careful so the real owner does not find out and come for you, only if you want to steal with your chest then no need
• You might not be the only side piece, complaining about this is like stealing and getting angry that someone else is doing the same. Is it not the same sin?

We are not judging you definitely but a married man might be dating you just for adventure, peace of mind or even mad sex. If you want to enjoy that relationship, the best bet is to give him all this and forget totally about the above.

Do you have people you can always hang out with when he is away with his wife and kids? No? If he truly cares for you he should tell you to get you, someone. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

Do not scorn the gathering of your friends as this relationship is on a fifty-fifty chance. Someone will always definitely get hurt and there is a greater chance that it might be you.

For a fact, it is painful and uncomfortable being the other woman. If this is fine by you, you need to have a lot of maturity handling every situation with your married guy. You could just destroy everything with your baby vibes, so maturity is key.

Lastly, sis, he is the one who is comfortable with extramarital affairs, do not be the woman that spends her money on a married man. This is not to say you cannot assist but do not let him use you. Make e no go shock you!!!

Do you know how to date a married man without been hurt? Follow the conversation! 


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