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Dealing with Facial Hair

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Dealing with Facial Hair

Our genetic makeup is different which is a determinant of the pattern of both facial and body hair. Excessive facial hair can be quite embarrassing for a lot of women. Facial hair in large quantity on the chin and body hair on the chest makes it all the more uncomfortable for some women.

A lot of women feel the need to pluck this out and there are a lot of options available. This option includes; 

1. Shaving: Mini electric clippers and shaving sticks are easily accessible, cheaper and easy to use. You only have to shave from time to time because in three days to one week, you have the hair grown again. You can use a shaving cream or soap leather on the surface you want to shave to ensure your blade runs smoothly over the surface of your skin and minimize cuts.

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2. Waxing: Waxing is short term as well, but last longer than shaving, close to four weeks. Asides booking appointments to wax at spas, there are also At- home kits. Waxing is a harsh exfoliating process, with side effects such as redness. You can use ice cubes on the surface to reduce inflammation.

3. Laser hair removal: This method of hair removal is long term, up to six months. Laser hair remover uses pulsed light to the damaged hair follicle. This method is quite expensive. As you would be needing frequent visits to the spa to get desirable results. You can opt for at-home laser removal as this is cost-effective. When using kits, please ensure the utmost hygiene and cleanliness to prevent any form of skin infections. Laser hair removal has side effects as well, such as redness. Placing ice cubes on the red skin surface will definitely reduce inflammation.

4. Depilatory creams: These are creams applied on the surface of the skin to remove hair. These creams contain chemicals that easily dissolve the hair. To avoid skin reaction if you’re using this method for first-timers, perform a patch test before applying the cream to a larger surface of the skin.

5. Tweezing: This is another method of removing facial hair. Although instead of shaving hair, tweezers pluck out the hair. It is inexpensive and really good for grooming the eyebrows.

Hello ladies, there are loads of options if you decide to go bare on any parts; the armpits, pubic hair, body hair and your facial hair. The choice is YOURS! 

We’ll love to hear from you the option you would subscribe to in the comment session below. 


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