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Do ladies still wear panties when they go out?

www.publog.ng/Do ladies still wear panties when they go out?
Do ladies still wear panties when they go out?

Are we now living in a world where we go pantless?

The choice not to wear panties is a personal one that depends on what you’re wearing and what your preferences are.

Although, not wearing panties won’t be right for everyone, but it can come with quite a few advantages. If you’d like to give it a try, start off slow, possibly by not wearing underwear while you sleep. And then moving on to a full commando lifestyle, if it seems to be working for you.

Also, the timing of your cycle, if there’s any discharge, is a factor to take into account when deciding if you’re going to go commando.

Reasons you should consider going commando

  1. It allows the free flow of air.

One of the problems with panties especially the kinds made of synthetic fabrics is that it prevents the free flow of air. And that’s not so good when it comes to keeping those regions comfortable.

  1. Disease-Causing Bacteria Is Less Likely To Migrate to the vagina

Some pathogenic (disease-causing) microbes can find their self-inside your vagina if you’re the always panties type.

Especially if you’re a thongs fans. Thongs might aid bacterial transfer from the anal area into the vaginal area. And yes, this can happen even after you’ve showered.

  1. There’s Less Friction While Exercising

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Especially for those that regularly go for exercise or those with high tendency of sweating extremely.

If your panties trap sweat and moisture throughout the day without changing it, then you can only imagine how untidy things can get.

Reasons why you should exercise without panties on in order to let air flow more freely. It can also reduce the risk of chafing, due to the lack of friction between skin and fabric.

Staying in moist panties for a lengthened time can lead to yeast infections.

  1. Your Sex Life Could Get Better.

It might sound so silly, but actually, some men easily get turned on when they sight women without panties.  What should cross your mind now is how they know you’re not on panties. (Let’s leave it for the guys to share with us in the comment session)

  1. Your Parts Can Breathe well At Night

If you still are doubting going commando during the day, that’s understandable. But you can consider going to bed without them to allow free flow of air. You might decide to wear one if you’re not sure of your safety at that moment (Probably, you’re in a friend’s house or with family).

Most importantly, going commando at night should be something you do in your own apartment

According to medical practitioners, wearing panties to bed should be avoided, especially for those more inclined to yeast or bacterial infections, like vaginosis.

The vagina has a lot of bacteria in it, and if the person is sweating or is hot, it can be a breeding ground for more bacteria and other infections.

But if you’re worried about heading out into the world without panties, trying it out in the comfort of your own home may be a good place to start.

Do you think going commando is a good one for the ladies? Share your opinion in the comment session using #PUBlog.


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