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Do you need that dress?

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Do you need that dress

You know the sinzu spending spirit that falls on you all over a sudden when you receive your salary or your paycheque. You already have a list of the things you need, ‘ your scale of preference’ but sinzu spending spirit would not allow you do opportunity cost.

To be honest though ‘folks say, ‘there should be a season of enjoyment for a child who works hard’. Sounds funny when you say that in your native language right?. It is true but then why do you have a list when you end up not following through to get the things you need and not just wants. Get all your needs first, what you want after.

Like we said earlier, do you need that dress? Take, for instance, a colleague comes to the office with a beautiful dress that is not part of your budget but because they are really beautiful, you decide to get one of them forgoing the important things on your list.


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The one that gets us the most is when you get to the market knowing the dress or other things you need to get. By the time you get back home, you get to see you could not get all you needed to buy just because you bought other things you did not plan for that caught your eye. We are all guilty of this.

Babe, have you checked your wardrobe recently? You would realize there is always confusion about what to wear. Then you open it up and see there are kinds of stuff you bought and you have not even worn once. Stuff you might not need.

‘Problem no dey finish abi’, if I die I die when…Lmao… You should treat your body right you know, eat well, take care of yourself, Queen you deserve it. But damn girl, your finances need to be balanced just because of rainy days.

We all want a season where we would not have to think of our finances before getting that dress we want but till then boo, manage your finances!!!

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