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Easy Ways to Make Apple Pies

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Easy Ways to Make Apple Pies

As a Nigerian, we must have heard of meat pie and fish pie, they are sold in most pastry shops and restaurants, but you will hardly find Apple pie. If you have ever come across Apple pie in a Nigerian restaurant, we would love to hear from you.

Apple pie is a sweet pie filled to the brim with succulent apple filling.

The following easy steps will help you learn and make this delightful dessert.


For the Dough
2 ½ All-purpose flour
I tbsp of sugar
½ Water
Salt to taste
1 cup butter

For the Filling
3-4 apples
2 tbsp of salt
¼ tbsp cinnamon
2 tbsp of butter
2 tbsp of brown sugar
¼ cup of white sugar
1 tbsp nutmeg
2 tbsp of all-purpose flour
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp lemon juice

For the Finishing/Toppings
Vegetable oil for frying (if you are making fried apple pie)
2 tbsp ground cinnamon
Eggs (If you are making baked apple pies)
½ cup of sugar

Now let’s cook!

Make the pie dough: In a bowl, beat flour and sugar together. Add butter and mix until it is well distributed and there aren’t any large pieces.

If you are using a large bowl, if not transfer the dough to a larger bowl and make a well in the centre. Then add cold water and beat it together until the water is well distributed.
Sor baking sake, ensure to pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C.

Knead a few times, ensure the dough is smooth throughout. Divide the dough and wrap in plastic wrap and place in the fridge for one hour or more.

For the filling: In a medium pot, melt butter over medium heat. Add the already chopped apples, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, vanilla, lemon juice. In a bowl, mix flour and sugar together, then add the mixture to the pot. Stir together until it becomes thick.

Remove the dough from the fridge, get a rolling pin to roll out the dough into a square of 1/8-inch thickness. Cut the dough into square or circle shapes depending on the size you want using a knife. Wrap the scraps in plastic wrap while you fill the dough.

Fill the centre of the dough (fill it with just the apples, and leave as much liquid behind) leaving some space around the edges. Fold the empty side of the dough over the filling to encase it. Rub a little egg around the edges (mostly done when you intend to bake it) and then press the edges firmly with fork to seal it. Re-roll the scraps to repeat the process.

For the finishing
For baking purpose: Brush the pies with egg wash (mixed with milk or water). Sprinkle sugar on top of each of the pie. Bake for 30-40 minutes until golden brown.

For Frying purpose: Pour oil in a pot over medium heat. To know if the oil is ready to fry, test it with a scrap piece of dough, it should raise. Whisk salt, sugar and cinnamon evenly. Fry in small quantities to avoid over-crowding. Remove it from the oil when it is brown and repeat the process with the rest. Allow to drain and warm, then toss it in the mixture and serve.


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