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Endometriosis: Health Talks

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Endometriosis Health Talks

Endometrial tissues are found inside the uterus to prepare the lining of the uterus (endometrium) for ovulation. They consist of glands, connective tissue and blood cells. The endometrial tissue thickens, breaks and is expelled out of the body with each menstrual cycle.

Now here is where the problem is, when endometrial-tissues grow outside the uterus, on the ovaries, fallopian tube, pelvis and bowel. They also thicken, breaks but they become trapped as they are not in the proper location where they can be expelled out of the body with each menstrual cycle.

This can cause irritation, severe pain during periods, adhesion ( this is when tissue binds the pelvic organ together), pain during sexual intercourse, scar tissue formation within the pelvis, infertility, pain during urination and bowel movements during menstruation.

Most women with endometriosis are asymptomatic. Endometriosis might be thought to be other conditions like Ovarian cyst, Pelvic Inflammatory disease.

Definite diagnosis of endometriosis requires Laparoscopy (an incision in the pelvic area, where a lighted tube with a tiny camera is inserted to study the region).
Other symptoms may include, chronic back pain, fatigue and bloody urine, especially during menstruation.

Endometriosis is classified into four stages based on the location, depth and scar of the implants.
Stage I ( minimal) and stage II are characterized by mild scaring and implants.

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Stage III ( moderate) and stage IV(severe) may result in cysts and severe scarring.

Are all the symptoms above scaring you? You are not alone sis. There are no definite reasons as to what causes endometriosis but it can be treated. There is no cure for now but then there is a treatment to reduce the pain and enhance fertility.

Treatment for pain includes hormone therapy, pain medication which includes administration of Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen and surgical treatment.

Laparoscopic treatment is recommended to improve therapy. This is the removal of the endometrial implants. Most times, if pregnancy does not occur after the laparoscopic treatment, IVF is considered to improve fertility.

Endometriosis is a condition some women live with and are able to go about their normal lives even without any awareness of the condition. So having it is just a phase, with treatment, you will definitely be fine.

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