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Entitlement Mentality, Break Free

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Entitlement Mentality, Break Free

A sense of entitlement is simply a personality trait where a person considers a privilege as a right. A person with a sense of entitlement does not understand or does not accept why the world does not revolve around them alone.

You might have noticed sometimes, that your partner feels they have the right to share your salary at the end of the month the only reason for that is because they are dating you. It might be a friend who feels she does not need your permission before wearing your clothes.

Entitlement can be exhibited in the subtlest and likewise in the most extreme way.

Signs that a person has a sense of entitlement:

• They belittle other peoples achievement
• They have extreme self-confidence which is often a shield over other insecurities
• They often do not fare well in a team as they always find it difficult to reach a compromise to achieve a common goal
• They see themselves superior to other people and as such request for privileges they have not earned
• People with a sense of entitlement believe they deserve and demand comfort, care, and even materialistic things from others which is most times unrealistic.
• They often have an exaggerated sense of self-importance in another person’s life
• Sometimes entitled people go for what they want, and do what they need to without regard for anyone, this can be a good attribute if channelled positively.

One might wonder how the sense of entitlement came to be in another,
In some people, it could be a personality disorder such as narcissistic personality disorder.

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In others, it could be because everything they have has always been handed to them since they were little and as such, feel they should get everything they want from others without earning it.

Recognizing one has an entitlement mentality is the first step to breaking free. You cannot profer a solution to a problem you do not know exists.

Recognizing your existence is not tied to anyone, and you can achieve every goal you set out to achieve without underestimating the capabilities of others, assistance if need be, which you need to request for respectfully.

Learning consciously to appreciate every good deed done is also a step in the right direction.

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