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Eye Bags Prevention

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Eye Bags Prevention

Bags you don’t have to carry. 

Eyes are the visual system and window to the soul. Eyebags are mild swelling or puffiness under the eye. In simpler terms, these are bags, you don’t have to carry. Eyes bags are usually not welcome, hence, these are a few daily habits that can go a long way in preventing puffy eyes.

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” What to do to get rid of eye bags and dark circle.  However, if you want a quicker method, you might just try cosmetic fillers or surgery.

There are two formulas to go by.

1. Hot packaging: Heat some olive oil and apply using cotton wool to the eyelid. Massage gently to allow your face to absorb the oil.

You can also get a glass of hot water, add small salt to the water. Cut make-up cotton pads into the shape of eye masks and soak the masks in the salty water. Then wear the masks and keep them on between five to ten minutes.

2. Cold Packaging: What you will do here is to freeze two iron spoons in the refrigerator and take them out ten minutes later. Press the spoons onto the eye bags.

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Another method here is to prepare your eye by applying some olive oil to them and lay cooled used chamomile or green tea bags on the eye bags. Leave it for five to ten minutes.

Others preventive measures are:

3. Remove your makeup before going to bed, especially the one around the eyes. And wash off with clean water and clean with cleanser to ensure its complete removal. When you leave it on and sleep, it might cause them to sleep.

4. Gently pat your skin when you feel a sensation. Avoid treating your skin roughly through pulling, tugging, and rubbing.

5. It will also make a big difference if you consistently (morning and night), apply eye cream to your eyes. The essence of the cream is to moisturize the skin around your eye to prevent bags, wrinkle and dark circles.


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