Home Fashion Fashion in Nigeria; some hairstyle you never knew existed. 

Fashion in Nigeria; some hairstyle you never knew existed. 


The Nigeria fashion industry had experienced huge changes and somehow deviated a little from its cultural heritage. Although Nigerians are known to keep the values and cultures of their forefathers, things have changed now due to the social trends and civilization around the world.

Modern civilization had made Nigerians throw away a lot of its cultural value, making the younger generation lose track of their values, and what was generally accepted in the 90s is found forbidding by women of this present generation.

Apart from skin colour, the creativity of an Africa lady is expressed in what she wears and her hairstyle. These alone distinguish the girl child from the multitude of women around the world.

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Despite the arrival of a diverse new hairstyle, some of these legendary patterns have never been redesigned to fit into the 21st century way of life. While some others have been re-branded and renamed to fit the new generation way of life.

Some of the hairstyles that made a wave in the ’90s were patewo, Kolese, Suku, cornrows, All back with curve, Onile gogoro, telephone wire among others. Although, some of these are simple and easy to plait with rubber while others were complex in all patterns.

Among these hairstyles, which one was your best, maybe still relevant in the fashion scene today? Share your opinion using #PUblog



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