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Febarury 14th Again

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Valentine’s day

In the quest to love and to loved with such intensity as will defy every obstacle. Once in every year and maybe subsequently, when one catches a glimpse of a “God when” pictures of a seemingly perfect couple.

The struggle in one’s quest is once again remembered giving room to a somewhat passing feeling of loneliness for the single folks and well “people who are in a relationship but dating themselves”. Except, of course, the few who have unravelled the joy in enjoying their own company till ‘ Mr charming ‘ comes along.

It is Tang’s first year of her marriage to Fed, You would think she will be crazy about the 14th February, Valentine’s day.

When asked the reason for her indifference, apparently she does not partake in any celebration as she believes, the people or things we only set aside a day to be celebrated, should be celebrated every day. In order words, every day is the celebration of life and love.

It is a few days to Valentine’s day. With the first day in February comes with loads of gift adverts, discounts on gifts to get for that special person. You see terms like, ‘Mi Amor pack, For him, pack, For her pack’.

It is quite funny that almost every status or post you turn to, has you wondering when you would begin to get gifts on this special days, an outing or even all day on the phone with your love.

It is like all skits, memes, pictures like the universe is all out to ‘pepper’ you. How hilarious, well more than one person which is just enough to make a valid statement is telling you, this Valentine and henceforth, Dear single, beautiful, hardworking lady, you would not be pressured this year rather

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Dare yourself to venture into that one thing you have always wanted but have been afraid to do

  • Invest in yourself
  • Stay moisturized
  • Drink water
  • Pee after sex
  • Don’t settle for less
  • Ignore the pressure to be in a relationship
  • Love your

And when the time comes, that you find that which you seek, shoot your shot. Do not also be ashamed to move on from unrequited love. After all, we have just one life to live. So, live, love and learn.

Dear singles, what gift item would you buy for yourself this season of love? Do share with us using the comment box below, thank you.

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