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Female Orgasms; a Lot Fakes This Nowadays

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Female Orgasms; a Lot Fakes This Nowadays

Female Orgasms; a Lot Fakes This Nowadays

For many, female orgasms are rather elusive, not everyone experiences them, but it’s worth it to experiment and find out how it feels. 

Before getting started, let’s get what an orgasm is. An orgasm is a physical reflex that occurs when muscles tighten during sexual arousal and then relax through a series of rhythmic contractions. It’s a feeling of intense pleasure that happens during sexual activity and sometimes it’s called coming or climaxing. 

Good sex feels good for both males and females and it has a great social and evolutionaltional role. It relieves stress and helps partners bond so well. The reason you would see couples resemble each other after some years in marriage.  

Female orgasms tend to last longer than male orgasms and can occur multiple times in a row, though, something that’s rare in men. But there’s a problem with the argument that female orgasms have no functions, that, it’s not associated with reproduction, and it uses a lot of energy for a trait that supposedly has no function. Lots of energy from the male counterpart as well to even make the girls get to the state of orgasm. 


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What Happens exactly during orgasm? 

When women do climax, there are changes throughout the whole body, a head to toe kind of experience. During an orgasm, genital muscles will contract, heart rate will increase, and your genitals are filled with blood. While your body is working hard to make you feel good, your brain is also releasing a huge dose of oxytocin and dopamine, which contribute to feelings of closeness, empathy, and happiness. Some people may ejaculate when having a vaginal orgasm, and a clear fluid squirt from glands close to the urethra during intense sexual excitement or orgasm. Female orgasms might occur for more than once shortly after the first if you continue to be stimulated.

How Women Achieve Orgasm

One of the ways women can experience orgasm is through these four stages highlighted below

  1. Excitement; at this phase of excitement or arousal, woman instates to sex, and as it begins she finds herself concentrating mainly on sexual stimuli. Blood begins to engorge the clitoris, vagina, and nipples and creates a full-body sexual blush.
  2. Plateau; Sexual tension builds as a forerunner to orgasm. The outer one-third of the vagina becomes particularly engorged with blood, creating an orgasmic platform. Heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration continue to increase at this stage.
  3. Orgasm; a series of rhythmic contractions occurs in the uterus, vagina, and pelvic floor muscles. The sexual tension caused by lovemaking or self-stimulation releases, and muscles throughout the body may contract. A feeling of warmth usually springs from the pelvis and spreads throughout the entire body.
  4. Resolution Female body relaxes, with blood flowing away from the engorged sexual organs. Heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration return to normal.

Different Types of Stimulation, Different Types of Orgasm

It’s believed that there are almost twelve types of female orgasms, with the common types been a clitoral orgasm, others include anal orgasm, G spot, blended orgasm, deep vaginal erogenous zone orgasm, squirting orgasm, cervical orgasm, nipple orgasm, exercise orgasm, sleep orgasm, multiple orgasms etc. 


Does ladies fake orgasm? Yes, they do.

You need to understand that your main focus during sex should not be putting your guy at ease and making him feel like he is doing a good job sexing you. Nah! Your main focus should be a maximum pleasure. 

If you pretend to cum when a guy is flicking your clit like it’s a stray crumb, then he’s going to keep doing that with until eternity, also with every other girl who comes after. Essentially, faking an orgasm is pernicious to womankind.


Ladies should focus more on understanding their body, and what makes them go gaga. Why? It’s difficult, but here’s one explanation; The world tells women they should enjoy sex and have a lot of it, but the world doesn’t tell women how to enjoy it. And until the talk about sex shifts from what men like to what women like, a lot of women aren’t going to know how to ask for and get what they want in bed. And they will continue faking it. 

Why ladies fake orgasm?

  1. Because society conditioned that there should always be a happy ending, it feels awkward if we don’t, though for ladies, not the guys. 
  2. Because single ladies have less chance of an orgasm
  3. Ladies are tired, and they want you to stop banging their pussy. 
  4. They are dry and might be injured if they continue, especially if there’s no foreplay. 

Why you should have an orgasm

Orgasm isn’t the end-all of every play you have with a partner, it’s important to self-pleasure. Orgasms release hormones in your body and these hormones have many advantages such as reducing inflammation, stress, pain, providing circulation and relaxation etc. 


Bottom line; Treat orgasms like chocolate. 

Chocolate comes in varieties, it can also bring out a variety of outcomes. It can be a single bar of joy that melts softly, warmly, and deliciously on your tongue. Female orgasms work the same way. For one person, an orgasm can appear in many different tingles, sighs, and moans. 

There’s not only one right way to eat chocolate, just like there isn’t a right way to climax.

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