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G Strings, Are They Really Comfortable to Wear?

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G Strings Are They Really Comfortable to Wear

G strings are sometimes called thongs but they are quite different. It is usually triangle in front, with just a single strap which wedges in between the butt cheeks when worn.

Thongs have wider coverage than the G strings both in front and at the back. Both terms should not be used interchangeably as they are different.

They are the smallest, skimpiest underwear and definitely sexy. These are erotic underwears. The G strings are becoming more and more visible in a lot of clothing in recent times.
With the G string craze, it had us wondering, are these skimpy panties that comfortable? not to talk of how expensive they are.

Recently we went asking questions, some women say it is the most comfortable underwear for your pads while menstruating.
Kin confirms she cannot wear any panties asides G strings. She says the G string provides full support for her pads and she does not have to worry about her dress getting stained. She says she would rather go commando than wear full pants.


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For some G strings are worn for sexual purposes. For Angi, her choice underwear to have her man begging to have her is the G string. She says he cannot resist her whenever she wears this underwear.

For others, it is worn in place of full panties to avoid straps showing underneath their trousers. For this purpose, thongs can be worn in place of G strings if you do not like anything between your butt cheeks.

There is but one weird reason, some ladies told us they love to wear the G string beneath their palazzos as it helps their ass clap more. They say it is a beautiful and erotic sight to behold.

People believe the g string has no use as it gives no coverage. We found out it is actually comfortable to wear for some. If you do not like it does not mean it is a bad idea when others wear it. We love our full pants though!



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