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What to note before making that genital piercing

What to note before making that genital piercing

Vagina piercings are majorly done to increase sexual pleasure and stimulation. So if you are thinking of doing this, it could also be to increase your sexual confidence.
Your vagina can not be pierced as it is internal but what can be pierced is the vulva which is the external part of the genitalia. The vulva includes areas you can get a genital piercing such as the inner and outer labia, external clitoris, vagina opening.

There are several types of the genital piercing, we have the Christina piercing, clit piercing, princess Albertina piercing, fourchette piercing and labia piercing. Some of these piercings are subdivided into other types of piercings.

The probability of getting a type of vagina piercing done depends on the anatomy of the woman. This makes it difficult for just any piercer to do the vagina piercing. Not every woman is suited anatomically for certain types of vagina piercing.

Genital piercings are done by professionals who can determine the appropriate piercing for you. Every woman has a peculiar genital, we are not all shaped the same way.
Your genital piercings can easily close up if you lose interest in the piercing or it does not serve the purpose you intended it to. You can remove the jewellery and it closes up quite fast unlike other body piercings. Keeping it open means always have your piercing jewellery on.


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Vagina piercings have their own risk too, nerve damage, scarring, infection, pain. If you have a low tolerance to pain, it is advised you stay away from genital piercings.

Vagina piercings take from weeks to months to heal. This varies with the type of piercing. While you have your piercing ensure to keep dirty hands off your genital, it is compulsory to use safe sex barrier methods during intercourse while your piercing heals, you should wait at least two weeks before having sex, also avoid wearing friction inducing materials to prevent irritation.

Vagina piercing could be the fire that ignites your sexual life, consulting a professional piercer will further inform you of what to do and not to. This may reduce the majority of the risks involved.


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