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Hands in Hair Syndrome

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Hands in Hair Syndrome

Do you find your hands in your hair unconsciously or you have a habit/urge of walking your hands in your hair absent-mindedly? Do you find it difficult to stop touching your hair? You probably think there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. It’s self-love right, you think?

Simply put, hands in hair syndrome is a disorder whereby people can’t keep their hands off their hair.

Hands in hand syndrome can cause more harm than good such as split ends, single strand knots, tangles, breakage, etc.

These are the likely reasons you are having a hand in hair syndrome (It’s not limited to these).

1. You are bored, stressed, nervous, depressed? If any of this is the case, do something that occupies your mind and hands. Keep your hands occupied when engaging in mindless activities such as surfing the internet, such as watching the television, etc. But, first, know what triggers your hands in hair syndrome. So, ask yourself why do I tend to touch my hair?

2. Your hair is (always) itchy. This is probably due to reaction to some hair products, head lice, scalp ringworm, hives, dandruff which is as a result of dry scalp. How do you get rid of an itchy scalp? The first step here is to find out why the scalp itches.

3. You want to feel your hair all the time, or you probably don’t like the feel of your hair.

4. You are concentrating on something and you like to fiddle with your hair at the same time.

5. Your hair is probably not plaited: Try new hairstyles that will go wrong when you touch, I’m certain, you don’t want to ruin the nice hairdo you have with the hands in hair syndrome.

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It is advised that one of the best ways to fight hands in hair syndrome is to step out in bun or ponytail to keep yourself from playing with your hair.

Hi readers, pls share with us why you have your hands in your hair, thank you.


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