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He gifted me panties

He gifted panties
He gifted panties

Panties are the ultimate expression and example of a sexual and very intimate gift for your lady, and considering it’s the last vestige of clothing that separates you from her naked body. 

Her acceptance of this “gift” not only implies that you are able to see her in them, but she will allow you to remove these panties as well. The truth or false? Hmmm

But honestly, panties are never a gift for her; it’s a gift for you.

You bought them because you want to see her in them, which are somewhat flattering on its own merits, and the sole reason any woman will accept it. Chances are you both are at a sexual congress and apex in your relationship that doing such won’t pressure her into doing anything she wasn’t ready for.

Do ladies still wear panties when they go out?

Think twice, buying might go wrong!

  • What if the panties are the wrong size? Then, she starts wondering if you don’t know what is best for her, or the size of her butt. You just landed yourself into a pot of hot soup!
  • What if he buys you the wrong type? You see thongs as a perfect fit for you, yet he bought a G-strings. For example, if she uses more standard underwear and you get her something too sexy, she might interpret that the other way (which is most likely not your intention).
  • What if the underwear is way too childish or too cheap? Or not the brand you well. Your girlfriend might be the Calvin Klein type, but you bought her something different. Remember, you have seen her severally on CK, why buy her other brand then. That might be a case of insensitivity from the part of the guy.

I’m just going to say panties are a bizarre birthday gift choice no matter what., though it also depends on the level of maturity of both parties. Especially when you don’t know the right one for her

Do you agree with this, what do you think? Have you ever gotten panties as a birthday gift?

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