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Health Benefits of Acha

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Health Benefits of Acha-min

Digitaria exilis commercially known as Hungry rice, hunger millet, fonio, acha or Acca is a very popular food grown in West Africa, especially in certain regions of Nigeria, Mali, Guinea and Burkina, acha is a major part of a regular diet.

Acha is an indigenous African food that has influenced the Western world. This grain is gluten-free and makes a great addition to any diet plan and it can be cooked or baked. It is an energetic food rich in carbohydrate, fibre, protein, amino acids, it contains cysteine and methionine and a huge amount of Vitamin B and minerals.

Health benefit of acha is obvious because it is rich in energy, aids digestion, iron and it is good for cardiovascular function, diabetics, an excellent meal for weight loss and so on.

1. Acha is a super grain that gives energy because since it is easily digestible. it slowly releases energy into a person’s body. This makes this energy last longer even up until the next meal. It is a good idea of staple food which can satisfy daily energy requirement. It gives around 3.6 calories per gram of grain and it does not increase blood sugar level.

2. Rich in fibre, it allows for easy digestion as it passes through the body easily and quickly. Acha helps to prevent constipation, and stimulate the appetite. Acha is an added advantage when added to your diet.

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3. Acha contains methionine that helps to strengthen nails and hair. it can prevent hair loss. It is also rich in phosphorus and calcium, this aid the development of bones and teeth, hence it should be added in children’s diet.

4. On a weight loss journey? Bring acha grain along and be glad you did. Acha is gluten-free, rich in fibre, and low glycemic index which makes it fattening free yet filling.
It filling nature makes it difficult to have cravings while providing the necessary energy.

5. Accha is highly rich in essential amino acids, folic acid and iron. Thus it plays important role in iron metabolism. It is good in preventing anaemia. This nutritious food is traditionally recommended for pregnant and lactating women in Africa.


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