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Healthy Hair Tips For Harmattan Season

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Healthy hair tips for harmattan season

Harmattan is here again, for the love of your hair, we have brought to you, tips to maintaining a healthy hair during this season.

This is the driest season of the year and it comes with a cold. We often give more attention to the skin, what about our hair?

Due to the extreme dryness of this season, the moisture of the hair is often lost causing the hair to dry and break-out. Then breakage, splited ends become a regular visitor.

Especially, in this season, learn to keep your hair moisturises. Some of the simple tips to follow include:

Tip 1. Moisturize consistently, trim and seal your ends more often. The season sucks the moisture out of your hair, the more reason you should moisturise daily. Do not leave your hair dry and weak, minimise damage. There are many products available to do this.

Tip 2. This is the perfect season for protective hairstyles because they help protect the ends which are fragile and prone to breakage. Protective hairstyles like braids, cornrows, wigs, etc, cannot be over-emphasized. With the protective hairstyles, you still need to moisturise and seal your hair regularly.

Tip 3. Minimise the use of heating tools. I know it is easy to style the hair but at this season of the year, it does more damage than good.

Tip 5. Drink a lot of water often. You need to stay hydrated, and your hair needs to be moisturised.

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Tip 6. Invest in a good deep conditioner and use it often. This makes the hair shines and reduces dryness. Deep condition your hair at least once in a week.

Tip 7. Avoid humectants like panthenol, glycerine, honey. During the harmattan season, they do the opposite of what they are supposed to do which result in dryness.

Tip 8. Co-washing your hair instead of shampooing is a good alternative.
Co-washing is the use of only a conditioner on the hair which helps retain moisture and will still give a clean hair. It is advisable to co-wash with warm water during the season.

Tip 9. Prepoo your hair before washing to reduce stripping the hair of its natural oil.


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