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Holiday Spots in Nigeria

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Holiday Spots in Nigeria

Considering how hard people work in this country, coupled with the stress of transportation on a daily basis. One should always reserve some time in a year to relax and get a change of environment. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We will be taking you through some holiday spots in Nigeria, maybe soon we will get to ones abroad and overseas. We will take you through reviews, what to expect in these places, accommodation and comfort.

Okomu National park: This spot is located in Edo state, it is house to so many birds, white-throated monkeys and elephants. To enjoy this park one has to invest time so you can really enjoy the scenery and the animals. It also houses a 140 ft tree house and two rivers where one can go fishing. They provide lodging as well. After all, what’s a vacation without comfortable housing.

www.publog.ng/Okomu National park
Okomu National park

Ikogosi warm springs: Ikogosi warm springs is located in Ekiti state. This spot gets a lot of us excited as it is awe how cold and warm water will flow out of the same source side by side. If you stay in neighbouring states, this could be a days trip though they offer accommodation as well which is quite ok.

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Ikogosi warm springs

Oguta lake holiday complex: This spot is located in Imo state. It houses a freshwater lake, Golf course, mini children recreation park, cruise boat services and lodge. The Oguta lake complex is not so remote, getting to this destination is not difficult.

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Oguta lake holiday complex

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Obudu Cattle ranch: This spot houses a pool, tennis court, Gym. They offer accommodation as well though might not be so comfortable. The environment is stunning and has beautiful scenery.

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Obudu Cattle ranch

Suntan beach and resorts: This is so cool for a romantic getaway. News flash! You do not have to leave Lagos. It is a serene environment located in Badagry. One can go horse riding and even fishing.

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Suntan beach and resorts

Yankari Games Reserve: Yankari National Park is a broad wildlife park located in the south-central part of Bauchi State in Nigeria. It is the most perfected animal reserve and parks in Nigeria. It houses various natural and warm springs.

The fact that this reserve is located in the West African savanna makes it a favourite stop for tourists to see wildlife in its natural habitat This park has largely been touted to have the largest collection of animals in Nigeria. The Yankari Games Reserve offers mainly Nigerian dishes, it has a museum, a bar and souvenir shops. You wouldn’t love to miss out on any of their dishes if you visit.


www.publog.ng/Yankari Games Reserve
Yankari Games Reserve

These places are quite cool to visit, considering the state of insecurity in the country, one can book flights to various holiday destination. You can also keep yourself informed by listening to the news to know where to go and when.

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