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Housewife Material red flags

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Housewife Material red flags

Do not be deceived by the housewife material status quo, the society has made us believe that a woman of marriageable age must cook, clean, breed. This bias has been passed on from generation to generation.

How about the working woman, the woman who knows what she wants?

Signs to know that you should talk to that woman and put a ring on it:

This woman has to believe in contributing to the growth of the home, who believes in equal responsibilities. we know we all want a man who can man up to his responsibilities. As the statement goes ” A man is a head, a woman is a neck”. Without one the other is useless.

This woman has to be an independent, a working woman, someone who can take care of home demands when the man is not there. A woman who has control over her life. Someone who can take care of herself. Now we all need support, please do not withdraw your support just because she is an independent woman.

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A woman who knows how to balance up her life, someone who understands that she can actually delegate duties to people who can do it in order to focus on other things. So even if cooking and cleaning will make you too tired to make love to your husband like you would love to, please delegate this to people who get paid to do it.

 A woman who knows how to handle her finances. If you notice your girlfriend is always borrowing money, some you have to pay up yourself, even some she borrowed from you and didn’t return my brother please run. You might be paying up debts for the rest of your married life to that woman. If she cannot handle her own finances, she will disrupt yours. If you are this woman, it is not too late to learn how to balance your finances.

A woman who has an understanding of who she is and what she wants. Women like this will give you peace. So, go ye into the world and find this woman, when you do, please love her from the depth of your heart.

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