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How to Boost Your Libido After Childbirth

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How to Boost Your Libido After Childbirth

Before childbirth, we could make love anywhere in the house, even in the kitchen, our sexual life was top-notch. We are never tired of seeing each other’s naked body, even in daylight until we had our first child. Do you have a similar story?

A significant number of women complain that after childbirth, they experience a disconnect from their vaginal. Signs are, no urge whatsoever for sexual activity, it feels like chores. Whereas, some said sexual urges came almost immediately after childbirth.

One said childbirth affected her sexuality that she didn’t have sex for “6 months straight.” Another said sex after having a baby is different. One mentioned that she wasn’t ready until 8 months. Mrs bee said she wasn’t ready, but she did it out of responsibility to her hubby, Ha!

Poor or low sexual performance can be affected by diet, pregnancy, responsibilities, health issues, etc.

After childbirth, is it possible to get your life back on track? Yes, it is. Below are a few helpful tips.

1. Have you spoken to your husband? If not, please do so. Explain how you feel, so that he doesn’t mistake your lack of interest in sex to lack of interest in him. Sex should be enjoyable for both of you, talk to him, be open, so, that you don’t start to have sex as a duty. Discuss, your needs, what feels good, what doesn’t.

Infertility in marriage; the odds are against the women

2. Give it a fling: Give it a fling, it sounds pretty easy that way right? Now that your hubby is aware, you both might want to start with FOREPLAY. This is important before diving in, ensure to cuddle, smooch, kiss, etc., to set you in the mood, remember to take things gently because this is like a whole new experience.

3. Aphrodisiac: You might wanna try this. It intensifies or arouses one’s sexual desire. I learnt it works, and there are testimonials to back this. A popular traditional sex therapist in her interview said aphrodisiac like the Kanyamata herbs is an answer, ooh! You have heard about it too (nods), then give it a try.

4. Try lubricants: Childbirth and breastfeeding can cause loss of sleep, vaginal dryness, these can make intimacy difficult, Try lubricants.

Hello, Mothers, do you other tips that can help others? Share in the comment session or via our social media handles. 

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