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How To buy Condom Secretly

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How To buy Condom Secretly

Ever gone to buy a condom and you feel you are been stared at and judged by everyone; the cashier inclusive?
Nigeria is a religious country with one of or the largest religious auditoriums in the world. Condoms are always imported yearly because we use them, however, many of us pretend it does not exist.

So, if you must buy, how do you buy discreetly? How do you buy one without encountering preying eye?

1. Buying condom is a smart step, it shows a sense of responsibility: You need not feel guilty, think of it as a normal necessary product. It is a good idea, especially when you are not ready to take responsibility for a child. More so, using a condom means that you intend to practice safe sex, this is needed especially, in this ever-increasing population of ours (Nigeria).

2. Do your findings: Are you going for the first time, there is always a first-time buyer. Find out the cost, do a proper measurement of the size that matches your erected penis (Google is your friend). Also, there are scented and flavoured which promises to give the best sexual experience, find out, the one that will suit you.

3. A store that is far from your residence is a better idea: The chances of you seeing a familiar face is small compared to if you had gone to a nearby store. Also, you may want to buy few items alongside the condom. Ensure you go when the store is less busy.

4. Buy in bulk: Condoms cannot be used twice so, get more than one. Getting more than one will reduce how often you visit the store to buy it. And ensure you check the expiry date.

5. Buy them in an adult store or you could place an order online: If you still feel out of place, you could buy at an adult or online store. In an adult store, there are no preying eyes

How do you buy yours? Share your method with us in the comment session 




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