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The danger of wearing your panties more than once before washing

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The danger of wearing your panties more than once before washing

It’s weird to still hear that a lot of people don’t change their underwear/panties daily.

A survey conducted by PU Blog in August revealed that 60.8% of male use their underwear more than once, while 55.2% of female revealed that they wear their underwear (bra, panties) more than once before washing. The stats are worse for men, who admit not changing for up to a week before washing….yuck! But that’s true.

The ladies corner

As a norm for the ladies, it seems like we typically wear one pair of underwear a day before washing, but that might not always be necessary. On the other end of the spectrum, you shouldn’t feel restricted to just one pair of underwear per day.

You can still wear more than a pair of underwear in a day, depending on the situation on the ground. You might start to feel uncomfortable because of vaginal discharge buildup, or due to exercise, you need to change them more than once a day.

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But if you’re still caught in the act of wearing your underwear twice before washing, you might need to be careful; underwear is the same as all other clothing in that extended wear leads to a build-up of the bacteria on the garment. The amount of accumulation depends on the activities the wearer does throughout the day. Sweating a lot on a hot day, discharge from private part or exercising will increase the population of bacteria in your underwear

Though the fact that microorganism exists on the body may sound scary, the relationship between our body (host) and the organism is generally beneficial. Unless there is a break in the skin or another conduit of entry into the body those microbes are harmless.

How to care for your underwear

If you aren’t already doing your laundry in hot water, it might be time to start.

The best way to wash your underwear is in hot water with bleach, which is the most effective way to kill the organisms living on your undies. However, some fabrics can’t withstand hot water, using cold or warm water with a detergent that contains peroxide could be an option.  Though these best practices might not get rid of bacteria on underwear completely because those microbes don’t just disappear after you wash your cloth.

Try as much as possible to keep your underwear separate from the rest of your laundry to avoid spreading the germs.

You might want to sun dry sometimes; avoid drying in bathrooms or dark places.

Some unspoken underwear routine can impact on your vaginal health, and depending on the style, can even affect your mood! Learn how to care for your underwear as you don’t want to be caught unaware.

Have you been ever caught unaware by your boyfriend/girlfriend with smelling underwear….. and you’re thinking, how I wish I had to change this before going out.

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