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How to say No politely to Mr ‘toaster’

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How to say No politely to Mr toaster

“Saying NO to a guy can seem hurtful, but what would you have me do, I don’t have an iota of feeling towards him, no mutual connection whatsoever!, Kety gisted her roommate how her day went the other day.”

Have you ever been caught in that web and you aren’t interested? How do you honestly and kindly look him in the eyes and pop the non-affirmative word – No?

1. Pay attention to what he wants to say: He saw something unique in you, he came to you, you should be glad you are been noticed. Regardless of his social status, and the likes, give him an audience, especially when he is a friend or acquaintance. Do not be too impatient to give him the unpleasant news. Be respectful and be conscious of your body language. He is right to state his opinion, however, you are also at liberty to agree and if you must go the other way do so politely.

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2. Choose your words carefully with no delay: Use words like I appreciate you saying this (that is if you do), however, I don’t see this developing into anything further for me? I don’t see you and I been more than friends” instead of “Sorry, you aren’t my type.” Also, you can say, “Do you mind if we just stay as friends (you could extend your hand for a handshake)? Be straightforward, avoid delay.

3. Be clear with your NO: It’s bad if your message makes him want to hang on and optimist that he has a chance. The word NO can be hard to say, but it might turn worse if you say otherwise. Don’t play nice here, spill the word, NO, he might not tell you but he will appreciate later.  You might want to avoid words like “I just got out of a relationship, and I am not ready to date”

Have you been caught in a situation like this, share with us how you were able to SAY NO politely 

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