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How to Write a Good Song

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How to write good music

So far I can say we have about 99% of people who can sing, 70% who can write songs and just less than 50% who can write good songs. 

Therefore I will be drawing our attention to some tips that will aid you in creating a good song.

1. KNOW YOU AUDIENCE: Creating a song isn’t enough but what you intend to achieve at the end, remember each song has its audience and understanding your audience determines if your song will ring a bell or not. E.g As a Nigerian, your music is highly appreciated in the Western part(Yoruba) than other parts of the country.

Face this area you cant create a Tungba and expect the Hausa’s to accept your song🤷‍♀️, you cant create a full ariaria and expect the Yoruba’s to respond? Study your audience first🤔

2. CHOICE OF LYRICS: Humm, this is the main place. Most song composers find it hard to express themselves through lyrics. Therefore I will try as much as possible to use simple words for better understanding.

A. Let it flow: Don’t put pressure on yourself cause you want to write the best lyrics, NO! Calm down and let it flow. Avoid the risk of distracting the creative flow all in the name of putting all your ideas on paper or recording them you might end up doing trash. 

B. Don’t say too much🤦‍♀️: Talent no dey run dry(pidgin) just use a few sensible lines 

C. Write from within: write with emotions, you can’t expect people to feel your songs when you the composer felt nothing. Try your best to express yourself authentically, be rooted

3. Imagery: Me in person, when I want to write a song I do put two things in mind 

1. Song pictures

2. Emotion

I will design what my audience feel when listening to my song, I remember when we worked on my first song “Far_away” with my music partner Roland Emkay.

This song was about heartbreak and we expressed how tired we were about falling in love which came with pain and heartaches but at the end of the song we brought out the uniqueness of love the two lovers merge up after everything through the help of the word ” Am SORRY” it’s just a five-letter word but it can bring down a relationship of 30years.

4. CREATIVITY, PASSION AND COMMUNICATION: To me, these are the greatest recipe for creating a good song. Be creative, do something different, don’t repeat the same music lyrics in your songs expect is a signature, clear your own space, be unique in your music world.

Be passionate, if truly you are called to be a music writer, write like never before, give it your best, beware of mistakes that will kill your career.

Communication, let your song be accessible, make it easy for people to follow and sing along. That’s one thing I admire about Tommy Walker author of (Here I am to worship) etc and Frank Edward.

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