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Sister!!!!! Do you know you can find the perfect man? The process is quite simple. Remember how we used to get clay and mould then into several shapes in fine arts class in junior school? You would get clay in a large quantity and mould your perfect man, then you give him the breath of

life. Tada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here comes your perfect man. 


If only we could get the replica of the men, we have all pictured we want to be with but then humans were not made to be perfect, you just get to pick the imperfections you can deal with for the rest of your life.


Imperfection or not, please do not marry a man who in the slightest of provocation slaps you or even beat you. If he does not kill you, sis, you will kill him. It always ends badly.


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A husband material knows how to care for himself. He is aware that he needs to change his boxers because it got torn, a husband material knows he should wash his underwear. A husband material knows not to breed armpit hair. Why would he keep that hair? Are you planning to braid it for him, sis?


A husband material is sensitive to your feelings, he understands what his woman wants and needs. This does not happen in all cases as we have a lot of our men engrossed in a lot due to pressure, they are not even sensitive to their own needs. This not Justify him not being sensitive at all, if he is not sensitive to your emotions then there is a problem.


A lazy man is a no-go area, a man who has dreams but you never see him take even a step into achieving his dreams. He might need a little push. A push in the right direction. If you have been pushing and he does not want to be pushed, please begin to search for your husband material elsewhere. We are not saying you should be all about the money but we need a hardworking and ambitious man.


Is that man supportive of your dreams and aspirations? Is that man confident that you have a car and millions in your account? Is he confident that you can bankroll yourself? Sis, he is your man, go get him.

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