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Motherhood; I wish I knew these before getting pregnant

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Motherhood; I wish I knew these before getting pregnant

Motherhood is such a unique experience with so many unknowns, however, there are similar experiences.

1. Everyone will offer you advice and expect you take to take it but you don’t have to follow: Once people realise that you are pregnant, (largely, because of the bump), advice will start flowing from the left, right, up and down. These people are amazing resources.
The advice will come from even your mother-in-law, mother, married friends.
Advice like baby showers… you shouldn’t take any of these under compulsion.

2. Having a birth plan: A birth plan is an outline written by a pregnant woman that sets out in advance of her preferences for labour and delivery. This may include a choice of birth setting, methods of pain relief, who you want to be beside you during labour, and many other things you feel would make your labour more comfortable.
Meanwhile, let this ring while you make your plans that there is no ‘planning’ involved in labour. And changes may occur to alter your plans as you can’t predict how your labour. Try to be flexible.

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3. You may not need everything you think you need: You are excited, yea, it is an exciting journey and you might want to buy everything they say will be necessary for the baby. But really, there aren’t many true essentials.
Before making any of these ‘essential’ purchase, ensure you discuss with mummies that can share candid opinions in this matter.
Meanwhile, you don’t have to spend so much on expensive maternity clothes. Check out maternity sections of cost-effective retail chains and try to play around non-maternity wear too.

4. You will be extra conscious of dietary choices: You want to be sure you are eating enough healthy food and at the right time, no wrong meal. Ensure that your nutritious foods have the following five food groups, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains, fruits, and dairy products.

5. You might not fall in love instantly with your newborn: You may have been told that once you have your newborn, you will develop an instant love for the child, however, the reverse might be the case. What if you don’t immediately fall in love with your baby, especially due to difficult labour?  Many women struggle with depression and anxiety, postpartum, it’s a lot to deal with.

6. Morning sickness be can be an all-day sickness.




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