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Keeping the Social Distancing at Work

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Keeping the Social Distancing at Work

Social distance is keeping at least two metres physical distance between you and the next person. This is also effective when you always have your nose mask on and washing your hands frequently with soap and water.

Some organizations in Nigeria have gone back to work after the total lockdown was called off in May but have they been able to follow the guidelines set up to curb the spread of the virus?

Resumption after the lockdown
The pandemic as a socioeconomic crisis has defined a lot of human activities. Are we keeping the social distancing policy at work especially organizations who have over fifty staff? Do you remember how you hugged your work buddies when you got to work after the lockdown? remember only after that you should not have.

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Touching is one of our greatest communication tool, a warm hug, a brush of the fingers, a firm handshake, which COVID-19 has made impossible. Not doing one of this will need some conscious effort. When we do get used to keeping the social distancing. How about managing simple company tools such as the photocopier where more people use and touch, how about the water dispensers, the toilet handles and staplers as well.

To limit the spread of the virus, one has to be assertive about maintaining social distancing. Also rotating jobs, maintaining shifts and a limited number of people in the work environment. Physical barriers should also be put in place in shared work areas.

It is also germane that running water and soap be placed at strategic areas that will enhance easy access to the washing of hands consistently.



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