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Keeping Your Lips and Skin Supple This Harmattan

Keeping Your Lips and Skin Supple This Harmattan
Keeping Your Lips and Skin Supple This Harmattan

Your skin needs intentional care this harmattan. It’s sure going to be a long one as we are just getting started. You notice even when you use your body creams like you normally do, before the day halves, you are already looking like harmattan itself. Ouch! Lol, sometimes your eye unintentionally darts to your feet or hands and you wonder ‘ but I applied extra cream na’. It is the season and it’s all cold, dry and dusty. These few tips will help you enjoy this season.

1. Hydrate: On PUblog, we lay emphasis on this always. Drinking a lot of water helps keep impurities out of your system. Your throat and body hydrated.

2. Hand cream: Your hands definitely suffer the most as they are always exposed, constantly washed, you should get a hand cream and apply constantly.

3. Lip balm/ Lip gloss: This is a necessity, to prevent your lips from cracking. If you do not like how sticky the lip gloss is, you can opt for the lip balm. Shea butter can also be used if you like your products all organic.


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4. Do not use hot water to the bath: Because of how cold the weather is, usually so cold in the mornings and night. Most folks use hot water to bath, some people’s bathwater can be so hot!!! You would think they want to peel ‘shaki’ ( tripe), you would even see smoke coming out of their bathroom. Lmao. Anyways please use lukewarm water. Using hot water will only suck up moisture from your skin.

5. Moisturize: We have loads of skin products that can help you still slay this season. Buying skincare products might not be your thing, just get shea butter, it works wonders.

6. Matte makeup: Mattes are the deal now but this weather will only crack me up. If you have noticed this weather is really amazing when you do the right thing for your skin, you look fresher and dry, no oily nose, sweaty face and all of that. Let’s enjoy this weather together guys, spread love!







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