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Love Manual; Does it Exist?

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Love Manual Does it Exist

Is there a menu on how to love??? You hear some people say ‘I have done what every woman would do for a Man, what else does he want?’ We understand that love is not just feelings, it is actions too. Do you also understand that the first step in loving someone else is loving yourself first?

Love is beautiful when you love yourself first, only then would you be able to recognize hatred or inhumaneness and run from it. Loving someone else is a wonderful feeling ‘after receiving a credit alert’ like some people will say, Lmao. Love is great, you just know you are in love when you do fall in love.

Wanting to always care for the other person, showers of attention, you would always want to do things that will make the other person happy. You would ask, what if the other person does not reciprocate? What if I have told this person how I feel and they do not feel the same way?

That is when loving yourself comes in, it will help you make decisions that will give you peace of mind irrespective of how much it hurts.

As earlier said there is no manual on how to love, these tips will help you through. Discuss with the other party and understand if they feel the same way about you and if they don’t, please give love a chance with someone else who does. In other words, try to move on.

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Now if they feel the same way, try to understand your partners love language. Your partner might be the one who loves affirmative words, physical touch and your availability when needed. Knowing what your partner wants will help you do what makes them

We all have deal breakers in relationships, if your partner has a trait you can not cope with, then review the relationship as this will only lead to arguments and fights. If you can cope, that is where tolerance comes in, nagging your partner about that trait would not make them change. Talking to them about it might help them adjust.

Loving someone is not that difficult, just ensure to find that which is yours but before that happens love yourself and wait patiently till the universe brings yours to you.

Do you think there’s a Love Manual somewhere we should follow? Share your opinion in the comment session below 



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