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Maintaining a Healthy Skin

Maintaining a Healthy Skin

Our skin is a glorious covering, just like you clean up your clothes and iron (well if you actually do that), so does your skin require pampering, ‘tender loving’ lol.
We are not asking you to go to the spa all the time, if you can afford it though please do, get your facials and scrub done. We have a few extremely simple health tips that can help you maintain healthy skin.

Exfoliate: Removing dead skin cells, increases blood circulation. This will help give your skin a smooth texture. When your pores are clear it aids the fast absorption of any skincare products you might be using. It is important to know what works for your skin type as there are different methods of exfoliating the skin. The method of exfoliation determines how frequently it should be done. Avoid over-exfoliating your skin.

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Keep your hands off your face: You might be tempted to press out that pimple, to use your hand to clean off that sweat. Your hands carry germs all the time no matter how much you wash. This is because of most surfaces we are prone to touch, door handles, light switch and so on. We do not want those germs on your sweaty face, yawk!

Stay hydrated: On Publog, we preach this all the time, it is important for your overall skin health.

Avoid simple sugars and processed food: This can cause inflammation leading to acne. You might not totally want to stay away from this but you can reduce the intake.

Clean your make up tools and everything you use on your body regularly: Your clothes, socks, dirty clothes can make your skin itch, causing rashes. Your makeup brush and beauty foams are potential breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. You can do well to clean them at least twice a week. This also applies to your pillow case and bed spread, change at least once a week.

Moisturize: Know your type of skin, for dry skin, you can use more cream-based moisturizers. For oily skin types, it is advisable to use more of the gel-based moisturizers that would not clog your pores.


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