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Maintaining A Healthy Vagina

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Maintaining A Healthy Vagina

A smelly vagina is a no-no for us as ladies. On no occasion should you be caught having a malodorous vagina, and do not ever use soap to wash that ‘space’. Using soap may lead to irritation and infection.

Do you know that your vagina is one of the only parts of your body that self-clean? Yea, I’m serious, you don’t need the bath soap to do the cleansing. The vagina has a naturally low pH, which discourages the growth of outside organisms and maintains a clean atmosphere pretty well on its own.

Hi ladies, the vulva is what you can see with your eyeballs when you look down at your pubic area. It’s the term for the external parts of the female anatomy. It includes the labia majora, labia minora, and tip of the clitoris.

So, what should I use?

1. Trim the hedges in the shower: Use a hair clipper or a pair of scissors to trim carefully and evenly. When you do this in the shower, it allows the skin and hair in that region to soften, which allows for a pleasant experience with the blade. Some people prefer to use a shaving stick or hair removal cream to get rid of the hair completely. The shaving stick may cause itchy effects, you may want to apply moisturizing lotion to minimize the discomfort.

2. Wash daily: Endeavour to wash thoroughly. You can wash the outer part with soap but not the inside of the vaginal (labia minora). Remember to clean your anus too, because, unhealthy bacteria can spread from there to the vagina.


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3.Wear clean undies always: No matter how well or often you clean your vagina, if you wear smelly, dirty undergarments, it will ooze embarrassing scents. Avoid using scented products in the area.

4. Maintain menstrual hygiene: Change your menstrual pads, tampons, etc, regularly and ensure to wash the region before you replace another one.

5. Wear clean and breathable wears to sleep: Make it a habit to sleep in clean loose, cotton shorts or pants or go to bed naked. Never wear the undies you wore all day to bed, it could make your body a little bit welcoming to yeast and bacterial growth.

6. Eat healthy foods: Your body and vagina need good bacteria in it to stay healthy and ward off infections. Fermented foods with high probiotic content, like yoghurt or kimchi, can help prevent yeast infections and keep your vaginal biome balanced.

What other ways do you Maintaining A Healthy Vagina? Share with us in the comment session below. 

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