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Makeup Kits for Beginners

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Makeup Kits for Beginners

Just the extra touch to make you look a little bit different for that outing or special occasion. These are essentially kits you must have to ensure your makeup is well laid and has a proper finish.

The makeup brush is our number one. This ensures a smooth and clean application of your makeup products.

  • Foundation brush: These brushes are full, they look like a paintbrush and are used to apply your foundation
  •  Concealer brush: The concealer brush is small, the size of an angled brush, only that it is a straight short brush used to apply concealer under the eye.
  •  Angled brush is slanted and used to shape out your brows with concealer after drawing them.
  •  Eyeshadow brush: An eyeshadow brush is flat and rounded at the tip. It is used to get an even layer of the product on your eye.
  •  Powder brush: This is a full and rounded brush used to apply powder to your face.
  • Face primer and moisturizer: This makes you after makeup even-toned and your foundation last longer.
  •  Eye pencils: Ladies with sparse brows you can add in a few eye pencils to make them full.
  • Concealers: This will helps conceal any spot on your face.
  •  Foundation: We have the liquid foundations, the cream, whatsoever you can work with to give your face a smooth appearance.
  •  Beauty blenders: You can use this to apply your foundation as well.

Makeup; Should we keep celebrating your arrival?

  •  Powder: The brown powder gives your face a smooth and dry finish.
  •  Eye shadow palette: You do not necessarily have to get a big one. Starting with the small palettes first, then you can decide later on if you want to play with more colours.
  •  Eyeliners: These are dark fast-drying liquid or cream, applied on the base of the eyelid, to give you an intended darker eye.
  •  Bronzer: You want your face popping? Bronzers give you a shiny finish. Note that this is not applied all over the face. Specific areas like the high cheekbone, a little bit of it on the chin as well.
  •  Lipsticks: Guys we almost forgot, lipsticks are very important, just getting a lip gloss, nude and a red lipstick for starters.

Applying your makeup would not be that difficult after a few makeup tutorial videos online, the more you do it, the better it gets. As they say, practice makes perfect.


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