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Makeup; Should we keep celebrating your arrival?

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Makeups Should we keep celebrating your arrival.

Markups are cosmetics such as lipsticks, powder or any other facial products applied to the face in other to improve or remodel its appearance.

Ladies have motives as to why they wear makeup. Some said its societal norms, some said to bridge the gap when pimples come to their ways, while some said it just to make them look more attractive.

With all these reasons known or unknown to men, they all believed ladies wear makeup just to deceive.

While some ladies today don’t love to wear makeup, we have to also recognize that we live in a society where ladies feel they must wear makeup just to be considered beautiful.

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It’s high time ladies started showing their real faces and be comfortable and confident in their own skin and not the polished faces.

Tunde shared his story with one of our authors about a lady he met on his way back from work. He said and we quote

”Before you tell a lady ‘i love you’ just know you’re saying you love her base on her present state of look… The lady you confess love to in the morning might be different from the one at night” LOL. 

Do you think makeups should be a thing that we should embrace as norms in our society? A lot of our beautiful ladies still live in fear of being not fit in or not appealing if they show their natural skin and beauty.

Can we have a world where everyone would be happy to show their natural faces without being ashamed of it?

Share your opinion with us.



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